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The Quranic Park - You Can Not Miss The Amazing Park In Dubai

The Quranic Park is a brand new attraction in Dubai, and it has a new attitude to welcome tourists. The Quranic Park is located in Al Khawaneej, close to the Mamzar Park which is also I recommended to visit. The original intention of the Quranic Park is to enable people to better understand Islamic cultural heritage. The park encourages families with children and more people who want to know the Quranic to visit. This park is for fun and Learning to find the possibility of compatibility.

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Dubai’s Quranic Park was selected as the “World’s Greatest Places 2019” list created by Time Magazine. The list selected a total of 100 locations, divided into three parts-"visit", "accommodation", "catering". Dubai Quranic Park is on the "visited" list, which also includes the Helsinki Central Library in Finland, the Trojan Museum in Turkey, etc. The Peking Opera Center in Hong Kong, China was also selected on the list. According to Time magazine, the greatness of a place is not measured by its size, cost or tourists, but by a traveler who "stumbled upon something extraordinary." This is why Quranic Park was included in the list. "Time" magazine went on to point out that the list is the result of nominations by editors, correspondents and industry experts from all over the world. Each nomination is evaluated based on factors such as "quality, creativity, sustainability, innovation, and influence".

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The Quranic Park covers an area of ​​more than 60 hectares, providing visitors with a wonderful opportunity to contact the Quranic and Islam, building cultural bridges and promoting cultural tolerance. The two most eye-catching places are the Miracle Cave and the Glass House, so don't forget to visit these two places when you come to the Quranic Park. There are two main attractions in the Quranic Park: one is a glass house with 29 different plants and trees mentioned in the Quranic and sunnah; the other is the miracle cave, which depicts the miracles of the prophets in the Quranic.

In addition to the vibrant green plants in the glass house, the park is full of lush trees and blooming flowers. What is even more exaggerated is that there are orchards. There are orchards in different locations in the park. If you get lost in this green castle, look for signs with golden Arabic calligraphy, which will guide you in the right direction. In a corner of the park, you will find a quaint café with warm and hospitable service staff. You can enjoy a cup of coffee when you are tired. If you are bringing your baby, don’t worry, because it’s in the cafe. Next to it, there is a small playground for children to play.

If you have not visited the new cultural attractions, it is a good choice to come to the Quranic Park, which depicts the seven miracles that happened in the Quranic with realistic visual effects. There is also an Islamic garden in the park. The most important element is the glass house, which also contains plants mentioned in the Quranic, Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the Hadith, and a shop selling herbs. There are 29 kinds of plants and trees planted in the garden, such as figs, olives, pomegranates, grapes, date palms and gourds, all mentioned in the Quranic. It also has a lake, children’s play area, outdoor theater, and a running and biking trail. All projects will utilize the latest interactive technology.

Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director of the Dubai Municipal Government, said: “The Quranic Park is one of the most anticipated projects of municipal institutions. Not only the UAE, tourists from all over the world are waiting to visit this park. This park starts from the perspective of Islam through various The section introduces visitors to the miracles of the Quranic. If you have not been to the Quranic Park, you may wish to try it. Admission is free. Only when visiting the glass house and the miracle cave will charge a fee of 5 dirhams.

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