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The gem Park in Dubai, Al Mamzar Beach Park

As an unknown small park in Dubai, Al Mamzar Park is definitely an isolated gem in Dubai. It is secretly located on a promontory at the mouth of the Khor al-Mamzar near Sharjah. It is both a beautiful park and a pristine beach.

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This spacious park and beach, located on the northwest coast of Dubai, is the largest beach park in Dubai. With a lush barbecue area, a landscaped playground, a lagoon and a secluded beach, the entrance fee is affordable, making it perfect for spending a day with your family. If you pay an extra fee, you can even rent a sun lounge, choose one of the three swimming pools, or even book an air-conditioned beach hut for a more private experience.

Al Mamzar Park is the best place to enjoy a quiet beach holiday. There are many tourists, many of them come by car and set up the stove for barbecue. The whole park is a place for such a family, with extravagant carpets and tents. The park occupies a wide area with walking paths, gardens, amphitheater, barbecue area, pavilion, swimming pool, and wooden castle. If you want a more historic park, you can get visit of Mushrif Park.

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Al Mamzar Park, with its beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise lawns, is one of Dubai's hidden treasures. Whether you want to sunbathe on the beach, take a dip in the swimming pool, picnic on the lawn, or wander around, you can come to this playground or ice skating rink to enjoy such activities. Want to experience one by one? Just take the scenic train and get off at each parking spot in the park to enjoy various activities. This beautiful coastal park is equipped with a series of facilities, making it an ideal place for water sports enthusiasts, beach tourists, families and people looking for fun in the sun.

Covering an area of ​​99 hectares, four beaches and a large, well-manicured lawn make us sigh his majesty. Swimming pools, theaters, children's playgrounds, basketball courts, football and volleyball courts and other entertainment venues have everything. You can even rent a cabin for a quiet rest, or go for a ride on the park’s extensive bicycle trails, or go sailing on the sea. 1600 palm trees and 300 coconut trees provide adequate greenery protection.

Whether you are jogging, riding a jet ski or playing with the children, you will feel your appetite greatly increased. Therefore, there are also 25 barbecue areas equipped with full grills, tables and chairs. The park has a beautiful landscape, with more than 1,600 palm trees, 300 coconut trees and 6,000 different types of cultivated plants, making the park’s scenery as colorful as the activities in the park.

Two highlights are the park’s 28 barbecue areas and a 12-foot-high concrete slide, which is a popular destination for barbecue enthusiasts and skateboarders. The park is full of small stalls selling drinks, ice cream and all kinds of food, but this can't stop people's love for picnics and barbecues.

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Location: Al Khaleej Street, Al Mamzar

Time: Sunday to Wednesday 8 am to 10 pm, holiday night delayed to 11 pm

Tickets: 5 dirhams, 30 dirhams for vehicle entry

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