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Zabeel Park - Dubai Most Famous Park

In recent years, Zabeel Park has also developed its own. It is no longer a green space and has convenient facilities. It has evolved into a 21st century modern park driven by technology. It is now considered as the Dubai Municipal Government. If you want to enjoy the fresh air, then Zabeel Park may be your choice, here you can relax a little bit, no longer facing the computer, Zabeel Park may let you like a wireless network Don't want to leave.

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Its area is equivalent to 45 football fields, and even near some of the most continuous intersections in Dubai, it is rarely unusually quiet. Not like the Al Barsha Pond Park, here are barbecue and alignment areas, restaurants and boating areas, jogging tracks and fitness centers, botanical gardens and gardening areas, as well as just a standard configuration of Dubai Park, three modern technology areas: alternative energy area, communication area and technology area This is the unusual place of this park. Educational and interactive exhibitions are the special features. The luminous dinosaur and luminous garden composed of 10 million energy-saving light bulbs are always bright for those who come for the first time.

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New Moon will become a new central landscape in Zabeel Park. The crescent-shaped structure is considered a symbol of new power and energy in Eastern countries. The designer hopes to reflect the current prosperity of the United Arab Emirates through this shape. This crescent building consists of five floors, each with an observatory. This design symbolizes the five pillars of Islam: Shahadah, Salat, Zakaat, Sawm and Hajji. There are meeting rooms, group activity rooms, coffee shops, children's library and service desk in the building. The facade of the building is decorated with Arabic script.

There is no direct sunlight on each floor of the crescent moon, but the space circulation is good. Various passive protection measures create the design of the project in the internal area of ​​the building in full compliance with the standards of green buildings. Solar cells and collectors are installed on the exterior of the building, reducing more energy consumption.

It provides an incredible view of Old Dubai and New Dubai, which is truly an amazing spectacle. It is 150 meters high and there is a glass floor on the 93 meters long bridge. If you are afraid of heights, please do not try it lightly because it is really high.

Location: Abeel District, close to Al Jafiliya Metro Station, close to Al Jafiliya Metro Station

Time: 8 am to 10 pm on weekdays, extended to 11 pm on holidays

Tickets: 5 dirhams

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