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Al Barsha Pond Park - Small and Quiet Place in Dubai

A small park in Dubai, the sparrow is small but well-equipped. A large man-made lake in the center is enough to make you linger. First, there is a 1.5-kilometer-long buffer track and bicycle path, both of which surround the lake. There are also sports venues such as basketball courts and gymnasiums, as well as bicycle rentals, children’s playgrounds, bouncing castles and boat rentals.

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Beautiful and comfortable decorations surround every corner of Al Barsha Pond Park. The park is quiet and peaceful, always around a large man-made pond, which can provide activities for the whole family.

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Comfortable bicycle lanes and running tracks for tourists, a total of about 50 acres of beautiful green areas allow tourists to play smoothly. Let the children enjoy the daylight on the bouncy castle, make good memories of an ancient interesting family basketball game on a park court , or relax for a few minutes on the park bench, where you can sit down, Enjoy the beauty of nature. And in Dubai, this Pond park maybe not as big as the Safa Park, but you can also enjoy a wonderful time in it.

Of course, without picnic areas and green plants, any park is not perfect. In the vast Al Barsha Pond Park environment, there is a relaxing green space, fresh air, a variety of trees and flowers, several children’s playground equipment, and a beautiful fountain that belongs to Dubai Park. There is a kiosk selling popcorn and drinks near the entrance, don't miss it!

If you have the habit of tidying up your home regularly, and want to use your idle time to make some extra money, then you can come to the Dubai Flea Market on October 27 at Al Barsha Pond Park. This market is held every year in different places around Dubai, every Friday and Saturday, allowing residents to sell and buy second-hand items-from household appliances, furniture, textiles, electronic equipment and ceramics, to toys, games, Books, clothes, antiques and accessories. In addition, Al Nahda Pond Park and Dubai Motor City are held-more locations will be announced soon.

Location: Next to Al Barsha Mall, Al Barsha 2

Time: 8 am to 10 pm every day

Tickets: Free

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