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Nuru Massage

To put it simply, a nuru massage is an erotic massage that originated in Japan. The masseuse uses his or her entire body to massage the client, providing more bodily contact than found in a traditional massage. The word “Nuru” stems from a Japanese word for “slippery.” Why? Both the client and the masseuse are covered in Dubai Nuru massage gel. The gel is colorless, odorless and actually made of natural Nori Seaweed!

Benefits of Nuru Massage in Dubai

For some couples, a nuru massage can be just what they need to spice up their love lives. Being covered in gel and sliding against your partner can not only create new sensations, but also help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.


You can discover more than just a physical connection, too. Nuru massages are intimate by nature and can, therefore, improve emotional connections. In fact, Japanese culture views the nuru massage as a spiritual journey.

It is, however, a Japanese erotic massage tradition that originated in Kawasaki, Japan, though it is unclear how long this sensual technique has been practiced. Thankfully, that hasn't stopped many couples from trying this sensual massage.


When you can add a soothing back massage or an incredibly relaxing butt massage, you create a full-body experience that will create way more relaxation than just slipping and sliding. The combination of the two is the ultimate in a full body massage in Dubai at home.

Dubai Nuru Massage
Nuru Massage in Dubai
Dubai Nuru Massage
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