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Shiatsu Massage

What is Shiatsu?


Shiatsu, comes from Japanese, is a specific form of healing touch,  which offers us a way of supporting our body at all times of our life.  It is a complete health care system which works with the body’s own resources. This is both its strength and weakness. If the body is really sick and out of balance, then sometimes more interventionist measures, such as those offered by conventional medicine are needed.


However whatever is happening, our body can always be supported to process it in some way. The only time it can not really be included is during emergency medical procedures. It can support both before and after as there are no reactions with drugs as it is only ever supporting the body in its processes.



How does shiatsu work?


All forms of work with body: exercises, stretches, breathing, different types of massage and body work support our health and well being.  In most traditional cultures their importance was considered a fundamental part of health care and we have devalued their importance to our detriment.  


It is becoming increasingly clear that it is not possible to separate the body from the mind. How we are physically in our body affects how we feel. If we have poor posture or hold tension that will affect our emotions.  Touch is our first sense which develops.



Why would I want to have shiatsu?


Since Shiatsu is working with the whole person, rather than simply focusing on conditions, most people, ill or healthy, and of all ages from babies to the elderly can potentially benefit from it. Shiatsu is extremely useful in enhancing health and vitality and many people use it as part of a stress management or preventative health care programme.


Shiatsu is also excellent if you are feeling unwell but are suffering from no known medical condition.  However, if you do have a medical condition for which you may or may not require orthodox medical treatment, shiatsu can still offer a support to your body.  It may simply be stress reduction or relaxation, or just being more accepting of where you are at.

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