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Where Do You Go in Dubai Night?

Summer is coming! The “hotness” of Dubai is gradually rising! Playing outdoors during the day is estimated to have a feeling of wanting to die, so nightlife is precious to Dubai people. Fortunately, Dubai is a city that never sleeps.

The nightlife here is quite rich and exciting. In addition to clubbing, watching night movies , the following 5 night activities are worth your chance! On the other hand, in the Dubai night, of course, you can not live without girls.

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1. 3D Blacklight Mini Golf

Night golf? Or indoor field? Is this for owls? NONONO, this indoor mini golf course is really colorful and dazzling. The 3D projection technology is used to surround the whole room with color and light beams. Like a dream space, there are three room themes.

Address: Bahar Plaza, JBR

Time: Every day from 12 noon to 1 am

Price: Dhs 110

Phone: (04) 565 7621


2. Frying Pan Adventures

Frying Pan Adventures is the first company in Dubai to be a "food tour" company. It provides a food guide service. Simply put, it takes you to the old streets of Dubai to find some restaurants and snacks that you can't usually find. Absolutely minority. The 4-hour food tour will feature the delicacies hidden in the corner of Dubai, with several routes to choose from, including food from Palestine, India, Lebanon and Iran. Note that this is a full English team.

Address: Deira

Time: 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm, Wednesdays and Saturdays until June

Price: Dhs395


3. Al Boom Diving

When the sun sets, the underwater scenes undergo earth-shaking changes, and the creatures of the day go to sleep, and the night life begins to work. Al Boom Diving is Dubai's most famous diving club, offering night diving lessons or the PADI certificate. This course consists of three nighttime diving exercises directed by a professional instructor, teaching you the technique of using light at night and diving skills in the dark. Study at Jumeirah Beach or Al Aqah Beach (Fukira).

Address: Street 26, Al Quoz, Dubai

Price: Dhs1470

Phone: (04) 341 4940


4. Dubai Garden Glow

The Dubai Garden Glow is a park where you can play ten layers of work until the evening. It consists of a light garden, an ice park, a dinosaur park and an art park. The ice and snow park is the real guy, probably the lowest temperature in Dubai, keeping -8 degrees all year round, showing many ice sculptures. Address: Dubai Garden Glow

Time: Daily 4pm to 12pm

Price: Dhs60 Dirham, plus Dhs40 for access to the winter park

5. Cruise by night

There are many options for night cruises, but the glass boat at Bateaux Dubai is a more advanced one. A variety of dishes are available on board. Boarding time starts at 7:45 pm and will receive a welcome drink after seating. Along with delicacies, the night sea cruise will enjoy the tranquility of the Dubai Creek while enjoying the night view of Old Dubai.

Address: Bateaux Dubai, Al Seef (opposite the Kuwaiti Consulate)

Time: Every night from 8pm to 10:30pm

Price: from Dhs295

Tel: (04) 814 5553


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