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What is the difference between Spa and Massage in Dubai?

In Dubai, we can see many massage centers everywhere, and the signboard showing different kind of massage item and SPA. So what is the difference between massage and Spa. What is a real Spa meaning? Today, I will make some introduce to you.

Ellie is from Korea, she is specially professional in Full body massage and the Spa.

Dubai Massage Full Service

Massage and is a common practice for ordinary people, including many style such as Japanese massage, Essential Oil massage, Thai massage, Swedish Massage, Body to body Massage and so on. And from the content of massage, it can be divided into medical massage, health massage, sports massage. There are many benefits for the body: can relax the bones; reduce stress; relieve migraine, promote blood circulation and so on.

On the other hand, SPA is a broad concept. SPA (Solus Par Aqua) means to achieve a healthy state through water. Water is the most important factor in SPA. SPA refers to a wide range of liquids, such as essential oils. Products, rehabilitation exercises in the water, etc.

SPA is very particular about the use of products. At present, it is mainly divided into two categories: one is the corresponding series of skin care treatments for different skin types and problem skins. It has the functions of cleaning, moisturizing, activating and repairing. Products; the second is to promote blood circulation, soothing nerves, to achieve detoxification, anti-aging, worry, calm and other effects of a variety of aromatic oil products.

Not everyone can or is suitable for SPA, because there may be some side effects in the SPA, including: 1. The skin is sensitive to heat, causing rash, itching; 2. Unsanitary infection; 3. Therapeutic effect should be partially used. In the short term, it will cause physical discomfort, general weakness, fatigue and other effects, but will gradually return to normal; 4, violent water impulses cause damage.

The SPA includes: spa, oil massage, yoga, meditation, facials, body care and more. It also needs to meet the basic needs of the six pleasant senses of the guest's vision, taste, smell, hearing, touch and meditation to achieve the relaxation of body and mind.

The water referred to by SPA refers to a wide range of liquids, such as essential oil-related products, and rehabilitation exercises in water. Spas are part of the spa, such as hot sea surf, jacuzzi, capsules, etc. These include spa treatments: spa, oil massage, yoga, meditation, facials, body care and more.

To give a simple example: you will go to the SPA to do the care, first bath, then the physiotherapist points to the aromatherapy lamp to exfoliate, then the oil massage, and finally give you a facial to let you sleep quietly. Each of these forms of bath is a simple spa. (Complicated points are yoga in the water, rehabilitation in the water, meditation in the water, etc.).

Therefore, it is not a difference, but it should be inclusive. The SPA not only includes the steps of massage, but also the sublimation of the massage and massage in the sense of massage. Massage is only an important factor and link of SPA.

If you want to know more about it, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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