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Try Japanese Shiatsu Massage to Treat Insomnia

There are many varieties of SPA center which provides massage in Dubai. Different massage methods have different effects on the body. Some can relieve muscles and pain, some help the body and mind to release pressure, and others can promote sleep. What kind of SPA massage is best for you? Let us choose according to the physical needs of the body!

Kaori is from Japanese, she can do a real pro Japanese Shiatsu Massage in Dubai.

Full Body Massage in Dubai

Treatment: overworked muscles

Feel: powerful body presses, ten-finger techniques, and a keen finger touch can puncture each of your questions. Contains elements of hot stone massage (heat relax muscles, deepen the hands of the technician), this sputum uses sensitive points and muscle fascia (soft arrangement) therapy to completely break the deep hidden in your doubts Point, including the back and neck shoulders.

Hot Stone Massage

Treatment: tension muscles for a long time

Feel: There will be piles of stones on your back, of course, these are not the stones that come from the side of the road. Massage stones are generally basalt stones, which are rounded and lubricated after the baptism of the river or the spray. After heating in hot water to 55 degrees Celsius, put it on your body. Some teachers like to put the massage stones on the air (the seven energy bases of the human body in Sanskrit, also known as the seven rounds), and the heat can be transferred to the body.

Head massage

Treatment: stress

Feel: When you are overly severe, you want to fundamentally deal with this question and build a gentle feeling throughout your body. In this situation, you need to have your own to scratch your scalp. The movement around the hair follicles can promote blood circulation, I heard that you can make your hair grow a step. Most of the head massage can be blended with essential oils to reach the rest.

Treatment: stress, insomnia

Feel: Imagine that a small fairy dancing on your body step by step - this is the characteristic of Japanese Shiatsu. After evaluating your interest, the masseuses will concentrate on the squeaky joints and push your joints firmly with her fingers and palms. There is a kind of squatting method (that is, the kind of elastic and wave-like propulsion that is often modeled by the movie) designed to relax muscles and advance the circulation.

Swedish Massage

Treatment: stress, poor circulation and muscle stiffness

Feel: This classic massage skill uses a lasting and continuous compression, and it can lead you to an overwhelming situation. This is the most ambitious massage for people who are first tested for massage. Suppose you want to characterize it, let's say aloud the strength you like.

If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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