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The precautions of first time you go to Dubai

As a friendly Middle Eastern country, the UAE has been favored by many friends who like to travel in recent years. When it comes to the United Arab Emirates, the first word that people in the minds of the traveler is of course Dubai! The city has exaggerated buildings, skyscrapers, Burj Khalifa, the capital of Abu Dhabi, and the Abu Dhabi Museum.

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What are the most common problems you may have to travel to Dubai? Here is the answer for everyone.

When is the best time?

Dubai is a climate of the Indian Ocean. In this season, Dubai's summer (May-October) is very hot. The temperature is above 45 °C, and there are small sandstorms in some desert areas. Although it is not a good weather for tourism, many of the attractions in Dubai are indoors, so this time travel is relatively unrecommended.

From November to April, it is the tourist season in Dubai. The weather is the mildest and the average temperature is 7-20 °C. Especially at the beginning of the new year, Dubai has a pleasant climate, sunshine and hustle and bustle. Dubai's hot air balloon and global village are only open during the winter season, and basically avoid the time of Ramadan.

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This is the time for the major shopping malls during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Low discounts definitely make you buy and stop! Although June is the summer in Dubai, the temperature is very hot, but the indoor air conditioner is very fierce, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is big, the temperature difference in the morning and evening is also big, you have to bring your coat clothes with you.

What are the precautions for traveling to Dubai?

1. The UAE is an Islamic country. In public, it is necessary to respect the local dress etiquette. What do women wear? Should avoid wearing back, belly, knees, tight, transparent clothes; men should not wear shorts or shirts in public.

2. Except for immediate family members, lonely men and women can't be alone in public places or suspicious occasions. If you are traveling on honeymoon, it is best not to choose Dubai.

3, do not wear pajamas, printed with images or inappropriate words into the mosque. In the mosque, you should wear neat and tidy clothes.

4, respect the local eating habits, the general Arab family is still on the table to eat, and is to grab the food by hand, when guests are the best to enter the country.

5, Arab banquets are generally outside the restaurant, if the banquet at home, the hostess will not come out. If you are taking a coffee, usually a half-small cup is poured out from the thermos. After the drink, the waiter will continue to add it. Unless the thumb and middle finger shake the small cup in the hand, it is enough.

The above is the first travel Dubai travel guide! Is there any more yearning for the country of the UAE?

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