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The most effective way to massage your legs!

In Dubai, running exercise is one of the most common forms of physical exercise that people use, mainly because running skills are simple and require no special venues, clothing or equipment. Running on the field or on the road, even in the fields and in the woods. Each person can master the speed, distance and route of running. Running exercises have many benefits.

Teenagers often exercise and have a great influence on the development of cardiovascular and respiratory functions. But running is also need to be pay attention to, because you may hurt your legs or knees. So Body massage is the best way to relax the legs. And there are still many benefits of leg massage in Dubai.

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Dubai Massage Full Service

Now, recommend the necessary leg massage for 4 runners

Step 1: Prone, flexing the knee joint. The other person placed the elbow joint on the hamstring muscle near the ischium, pressed the hamstring muscle toward the buttocks, and began to lock from the looser part of the hamstring muscle before stretching.

Step 2: Keep your lock, put your legs down and rest on the treatment bed. Release the lock again.

Step 3: Select a new lock point in the area farther from the first lock point. Move the locking point down from the position of the isch to the hamstring tendon. Do not press the armpit.


Step 1: Prone, with your legs extended out of the treatment bed, the ankle joints naturally dorsiflex, and gently lock the muscles of the feet with a massage tool.

Step 2: Hook the toes, flex the ankle joints, and stretch the toes. Each foot only needs to stretch for a few minutes.

Step 1: Hook your toes and find the tibialis anterior muscles. The tibialis anterior muscle is locked during ankle dorsiflexion. The tibialis anterior muscle is a bundle of muscles that are gently locked with the elbows.

Step 2: Keep your lock and straighten your toes.

Step 3: Once the toes of the masseuse are straightened, immediately release the lock and select a new lock point a little further from the first lock point. When the ankle of the masseuse is locked and the muscles are stretched, as long as the masseuse can feel a comfortable stretch, the lock point can be gradually moved from the proximal end to the distal end of the muscle.

Gluteal muscle

Step 1: The person being massaged is lying on the side, and the hip is in a natural posture. Use your forearm (near the elbow) to press and lock the gluteal muscle in the direction of the tibia above the gluteal muscle.

Step 2: Keep the lock and ask the person to be flexed to flex the hip joint (you can also ask the person to be massaged to lift the knee joint to the chest).

Step 3: Move the locking point along the edge of the muscle with the most obvious stretching effect (depending on the feeling of the person being massaged), and repeat the stretching step by piece for several minutes.

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