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The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai

The Underwater Aquarium on Palm Jumeirah Island, located on the east wing of the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Jumeirah. The entire aquarium is themed to discover the disappearing civilization of Atlantis. While visiting marine life, let you imagine exploring the mysterious Atlantis ruins. There is a huge, two-story fish tank in the aquarium that you can see in the corridor of the hotel. There are more than 65,000 marine life in the aquarium swimming in the tranquil water. The whole aquarium is divided into several parts. This fish tank is the largest "Ambassador Lagoon" fish tank, and there are also some independent small pools. The “ambassador lagoon” collects many unique fish from the Arabian Sea. Every time the aquarium is filled, there will be explanations by the lecturers, as well as time-diving diving performances and feeding performances. In the day time, You can enjoy the luxury of the Atlantis hotel. Playing the water, tasting food at the seabed restaurant, or going shopping in Dubai's major shopping malls. But when you are playing in Dubai night, do you want some Dubai escorts girls to visit this amazing city with you? In the evening do you want some happy ending game or a body to body massage in Dubai. So check the girls now!

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After watching this huge fish tank outside for free, if you want to further explore the mysterious Atlantis ruins at the bottom of the fish tank, then walk along the east wing corridor of the hotel, which is the lost space aquarium ticket office. If you are a guest staying at the hotel, simply tell the staff room number at the entrance to the aquarium and show them the room card. The staff will print a list and sign it for free. Visitors who do not live in the hotel will be charged separately.

Explore the underwater world After entering, you can see the tour map of the aquarium and you can follow the route. After entering the door, you can see a small blue fish tank. Many small fish in the fish tank swim freely in the water. There are two corridors on the left and right sides of the small fish tank. First, go to the corridor on the right. The left hand wall of the corridor draws an ancient nautical chart. On the right hand side are several smaller fish tanks. The fish in the blue water of the fish tank are cheerful. Swimming. At the end of the corridor is a small blue fish tank, the lights around the corridor are dim, and the blue in the fish tank is particularly mysterious at this time. After visiting the corridor on the right, return to the original place and visit the left side. The left side is inside and outside, and the inner hall is the ambassador lagoon fish tank that was just seen outside. From the aquarium, look at the Ambassador's atoll fish tank, which recreates the ruins of Atlantis, the continent that sank 10,000 years ago. The real underwater ruin scene was restored in the aquarium, and there was no darkness in the sun. There are several jets of water in the aquarium, and the fish swim freely in the ruins of these broken walls. There are also some antique utensils in the big fish tank. The colorful tropical fish shuttles through it, and you can see the huge grouper swimming slowly to you. Through the big fish tank, the curtains on the opposite side of it are the underwater suites of "Neptune and Poseidon". You can see the underwater world under the curtains in the bedroom and bathroom. Each suite is three floors up and down, and the price is high, about 20,000 AED a night.

There is a row of Arabic-colored chairs in front of this big fish tank. You can sit in a chair and sit quietly, watching the fish in front of each other swim in front of you and shuttle through the underwater ruins. If it is time to feed, you can also see the scene where the breeder sneaked into the aquarium to feed the fish. In the center of the hall in front of the fish tank, there is also a strange magical artifact. Picking souvenirs There is a shopping mall in the exterior hall that sells various souvenirs such as T-shirts, green bags, cups, and dolls. Dubai is a magical city, and when you have the opportunity to get an unforgettable trip! You may contact us to get more information about the Dubai Escort and Massage in Dubai.

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