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The Efficacy and Effect of Jasmine Essential Oil

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Jasmine essential oil is extracted from the flowers of jasmine plants and belongs to the family of hibiscus, also known as vegetarian. The jasmine variety commonly used to extract essential oils is a very common variety. The reason why this essential oil is expensive is not only because it has an elegant scent, but also has obvious relaxing effects, which can invigorate the spirit, enhance self-confidence, and make delivery smooth; it can also calm cough, care and improve skin elasticity, and diminish stretch marks and scars. A common jasmine essential oil is a 25% compound oil.

Jasmine is an evergreen, perennial shrub, and some are climbing shrubs that can grow up to 10m high. The leaves are dark green, small, star-shaped, and white, with the strongest aroma when picking flowers at night. An experienced picker can pick 10,000 to 15,000 flowers a night. Jasmine originated in China and northern India and was brought to Spain by the Moors (Islamic people of northwest Africa). Currently, jasmine essential oils produced in France, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, China, Japan and Turkey are the best. Jasmine's English name Jasmine evolved from Persian yasmin.

Chinese, Arabs, and Indians use it medically and as an aphrodisiac, often used in some ceremonies. In Turkey, jasmine stems are used to make ropes; in China, people like to make jasmine tea (usually used to make jasmine tea is Jasminun sambac-Arabian jasmine); in Indonesia, it is a favorite decoration. Product. Jasmine plant sex cold, Li Shizhen said: This product can be steamed oil for liquid fat, head oil, to produce hair, emollient.

Method of extraction

Jasmine essential oils are initially extracted in a "solid form" by solvent extraction. The jasmine essential oil is extracted from the solid with alcohol to obtain a "complete" essential oil. Now, people are beginning to use steam distillation to get "complete essential oils". About 1000 kg of flowers can produce 1 kg of liquid essential oil containing about 0.2% of aromatic molecules.

Chemical composition

About 100 components can be analyzed in jasmine essential oil, including benzyl acetate, linalool, benzyl alcohol, hydrazine, benzyl benzoin ester, jasmonone, geraniol, methyl (neighbor) Aminobenzoate, trace amounts of cresol, farnesol, vinyl benzoin, eugenol, nerol, benzoic acid, terpineol, neroli, phytol, and the like.

Treatment efficacy

1) It is an effective medicine for the treatment of severe mental depression. It can soothe the nerves, build a sense of self-confidence, optimism and joy, and rejuvenate and rejuvenate.

2) It can promote the smooth delivery of the baby. It can promote the delivery of the baby by strengthening the contraction of the uterus, and also has the effect of relieving pain. It also has a relief effect on postpartum depression, and can also promote the secretion of milk.

3) Because of its strong soothing and calming properties, Jasmine Essential Oil can help solve sexual problems such as impotence, premature ejaculation and coldness.

4) It also has a good effect on respiratory diseases, can reduce cough, and is also effective for hoarseness and laryngitis. In addition, it can also be used to relieve muscle pain, sprains and stiffness of the limbs.

5) Jasmine essential oil is suitable for the treatment of dry, oily, irritating and sensitive skin, increasing the elasticity of the skin, and is often used to treat stretch marks and scars.

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