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The Best Place for Traveling in Dubai

There are many amazing miracles and civilizations around the world, but if you talk about the transformation and challenges of the environment, Dubai will definitely be the top few. The construction of artificial islands, the luxury of seven-star hotels and the completion of the world's tallest buildings, each of which has been praised by people, has also become a place that people in Dubai remember. So if you come here Dubai, this combine Asian and Western culture, amazing city, you will get so much good place to have a look.

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But if you only think that luxury is crazy and magnificent, then you will have a one-sided understanding of Dubai. It also has its own unique culture, and a rich experience is waiting to be discovered. So now I will introduce some attractions for friends who come to Dubai alone.

No.1 Desert red sand + bonfire party.

Usually included: hotel pick-up, sand washing, party performance, barbecue buffet dinner. Sand washing is one of the must-have projects in Dubai. Uncle wearing a white robe driving a buggy and rolling around in the red desert, really super cool! After the end, you can go to the camp to experience a lot of projects: riding a camel, trying on local clothes to take pictures, Hannah hand-painted tattoos, Shisha somke, these items are included!

I don’t feel the heat in the evening, the sunset is beautiful, I can enjoy the barbecue buffet while watching the wonderful party performance, the handsome Spitfire brother and the sexy hot dance lady! Overall it was a very memorable experience, and the itinerary was full and you could experience the Arabian features!

No2. Dubai Mall (Indoor Aquarium + Dubai Fountain)

Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Thursday to Saturday 10am-midnight.

Dubai Mall is the most wonderful international shopping mall I have ever visited. It is the largest shopping mall in the world, equivalent to dozens of football fields. It is a paradise for the stars. At the same time, it also has the largest indoor aquarium, ski resort, and the wonderful Dubai Fountain in the evening, which is a shopping and entertainment integration!

The Dubai Indoor Aquarium is one of the largest “water tanks” in the world. It has transparent glass that can be viewed directly and can see many amazing marine life! The Dubai Fountain is located at the bottom of Burj Khalifa. It is said that the water column that is sprayed out is as high as 150 meters, and it is super spectacular with the music swing! There are many viewing angles of the fountain. I watched it at the entrance of Dubai Mall! You can also choose to climb to Burj Khalifa or a restaurant with a terrace and enjoy the fountain while enjoying dinner!

No3. Jumeirah Mosque.

Opening hours: Arrive at the entrance to the Jumeirah Mosque from Thursday to Saturday at 9:45, and start to visit at 10:00. Tickets: A group fee of 10 AED, free for children under 12 years old. Tips: Be sure to wear long-sleeved trousers, do not expose your ankles, and wear a headscarf, otherwise you can't enter! It is the only mosque in Dubai that welcomes non-Muslim tourists. It is entirely made of white stone, and the chandeliers inside are extremely luxurious, really super elegant and holy!

No4. Palm Jumeirah.

Tickets: Free (open all day) Transportation: Light rail is recommended. Opening hours are 8:00-22:00. There are 3 stations in the light rail, 15 AED in one way and 25 AED in and out. You can see the outline of Palm Island directly!

The Palm Jumeirah is named after the shape of a palm tree that is dotted with resorts and mansions. One of the most famous buildings is the Atlantis Resort at the end, which is rich in entertainment, such as Water World Adventure Park, Lost Space Aquarium and Dolphin Bay Paradise!

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