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The benefits of oil massage in Dubai

In Dubai, as people daily pressure increases, people are looking for a way to relax, essential oil massage is now more popular as a kind of relaxation method, so, how the massage with essential oil come good?

1, essential oil massage can reduce weight

Because through the stimulation of massage and acupuncture, essential oils can dredge lymphoid tissue after penetrate into skin, eliminate the toxin accumulation, helps break down fats, can expel excess water, thus can detoxification and the curative effect of firming effectively. By applying the methods of the essential oil massage, can make the body's muscles more compact and graceful, get rid of annoying obese figure.

2, facial massage

The oil massage can promote the blood circulation of skin, make the cell regeneration, recover skin elasticity. In addition, the use of essential oils massage skin more adjustment the exudation of oily skin, maintain the acid-base balance of skin, make skin grease is not easy accumulation, avoid all kinds of blockages, prevent skin aging.

3, head massage

If using the oil massage scalp, can nourish skin cells, improve hair quality, relieve pressure. Modern every day busy work and life, the vast majority of people have been pressure to breath, therefore, relieve is more important than beauty and health.

4, so many benefit for the stomach

Citrus essential oils, mint oil or ginger essential oil massage. Take one or two kinds of essential oil, a total of 4 drops, mixed with a teaspoon of body lotion, hybrid emulsion in the palm, daub to slow circle massage clockwise in the abdomen. And then a bottle full of warm water with a towel, lie on the bed side.

5, full body massage

Essential oils can through massage into skin cells, and then into the blood vessels and the whole body in the organization. The aroma of essential oil also has a great effect on our emotions at the same time, the fragrance of essential oil will enter the lobes of the brain system, there is a door in the field of human unconscious and emotions, through the smell of essential oil, the brain can produce a pleasant feeling. Aroma is easy to help emotional release, all help to relieve pressure.

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