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The benefits and technique of eye massage in Dubai

Now, by the mobile phone and computer are used more and more, people's eyes are overused everyday. This situation is more often happens in Dubai, Because of the high temperature, people will take more time indoor rather than outdoor.

Usually people have to blink about 10,000 times a day. It is prone to excessive fatigue. We can have a lot of benefits by massage. But we must pay attention to some massages. Matters, we used to do eye exercises at school to protect our vision. What massage methods can help us?

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What are the benefits of eye massage?

1. Beauty and activation of eye skin: Usually we massage the eye and massage through these acupuncture points, which can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells around our eyes, prevent the aging of the eye skin, and can play the role of freckle. It is the skin of the eye that is more elastic.

2, protect the eyes, relieve eye fatigue: eye massage can promote the microcirculation of the eye tissue, can make the eyes get a good rest, is our eyes more bright and clear, can also alleviate eye fatigue, prevention Myopia is very good for the eyes.

3, inhibit neurasthenia, promote sleep: we can promote the blood circulation of the eye through the massage of the eye, can lower the blood pressure of the brain, relax the brain, can improve the sleep state, help us better fall asleep, reach the ecstasy The brain is refreshing and refreshing.

4, prevention and treatment of edema: usually because of avoiding excessive intake of salt, because salt will lead to water accumulation. In addition, irregular circulation system can also cause water hoarding, causing eye swelling, which may occur at any age.

1. Use the middle finger and the ring finger to take a proper amount of eye cream, then start from the corner of the eye to the middle and start to massage the outside. The skin of the eye is thin, so when you massage, the strength of the hand must be controlled to be very light, otherwise the wrinkles will not decrease but will increase.

2. Hold the temple with the ring finger and massage in a circular motion. Quietly giving the temple a massage, it can play a role in the spirit, and help the eyes to recover clear and bright, but also relieve eye fatigue.

3, close your eyes, use the fingertips of the four fingers except the thumb to hold around the eyes, then gently press the eyeball in a wave way, this way to relieve eye fatigue. If you feel a little sore on the eye during massage, this is normal, because the massage brings pressure to the eyeball and also helps the blood circulation of the eye.

4. After cleansing, apply a cream evenly around the eyes. Then use warm water to soak the cotton pad, close it to your eyes, and cover it with plastic wrap for 2-3 minutes. This allows the eye cream to absorb deeper.

5, remove the fine lines around the eyelids, with the middle finger and ring finger, the fingertips in the lower eyelids, upper eyelids, eyebrows in order to slide to the end of the eye. Each set of actions is done 5 times, which can effectively improve the fine lines.

6, remove the crow's feet, with the middle finger and the ring finger on the sides of the eye at the end of the circle of massage, along the skin texture, from the inside out. This method can effectively improve the crow's feet. You can choose to use massage cream, 2-3 times a week, 3-5 minutes each time.

7. Help the eyes to relieve fatigue. Use the middle finger and the ring finger to massage in a circular way. There is a round massage from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye.


1. People who have the following conditions are not suitable for massage: severe allergic skin, diarrhea, acute skin inflammation, skin trauma, severe acne, and infectious skin diseases.

2. Adhere to the massage principle that the direction of massage is consistent with the muscles and perpendicular to the direction of skin wrinkles.

Conclusion: The above is the benefit of eye massage, the eyes are the windows of the soul, so everyone should pay attention to the maintenance of the eye. Eye massage can not only help us activate the skin of the eye, but also promote sleep, relieve eye fatigue, etc., but we must pay attention to patients with skin diseases.

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