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Take you to know about Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is the mother river of Dubai, which gave birth to Dubai. Take a dip in the old wooden raft boat, enjoy the high-rise buildings and dome mosques on both sides of the strait during the day, and visit the night view of Dubai Creek at night. After a strong sunshine day time of visiting Dubai creek, do you want a happy ending in the night? Our sexy escort girl can make you fall in love with her. Kitty is from Malaysia. She will send you an amazing experience of escort in Dubai and the best body to body massage in Dubai.

Cross-strait scenery The Dubai Creek is about 10 kilometers long. It divides the city of Dubai into two. The southwestern part of the river is the emerging Bur Dubai district. The riverside is lined with modern high-rise buildings. The glass walls shine in the sun. The tallest building is telecommunications. building. On the other side is the old town of Deira, which symbolizes the history of Dubai, the traditional wind tower, the dome of the mosque and a variety of marketplaces. Regular tour route If you want to fully enjoy the Dubai Creek, it is recommended to take a Dubai Creek cruise. The regular route is to visit the Dubai Museum and the Arab Historic Buildings, then take a cruise on the dock to the opposite side of the gold market and the spice market, or vice versa. On a sunny morning, when the sun is not glaring, along with the fresh sea breeze, you can see the free-flying birds on the river, the rivers are crystal clear, and the ancient mosques and skyscrapers on both sides of the straits reflect each other. It will be very comfortable. Type of cruise ship There are many types of cruise ships. There is an old and traditional wooden raft (Abra). A boat can carry 20 tourists. After the number of people, the boatman charges the passengers before the boat is opened. 1 dirham can be used. It is only 5 minutes from the river to the other side. In addition to the ferry way, you can spend about 40 dirhams to rent an hour of Abra and take a dip in the Dubai Creek. In addition to the traditional wooden raft, there is also a sightseeing yacht called Dubai Luxury Cruises, and the route is also around Dubai Bay. In addition, there is a cruise ship called Wonder Bus Tours that looks like a bellied bus that can be used both amphibiously and very interesting. Different scenery The Dubai Creek in the morning is quiet, with sporadic boats driving by the river. At this time, strolling along the river, you can also see devout believers coming to the river to wash their hands and feet with the river before entering the mosque. The shops along the river are still not open, the whole street looks cold and clear, walking on the street is like entering the time tunnel back to the ancient Arab period, the wooden doors of each store are thick and large, and the bronze buckle on the door is more It is antique. After all this introduce of Dubai Creek. Do you want to know that how can you find fun in the lonely night? Yes, of course a body massage in Dubai or a escort girl can make you feel double fun after a happy day with a happy ending.

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