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September Dubai Tour Continues Summer Romance

It’s been more than a month since the beginning of the Summer. Are you still reluctant to give up the summer just past? Let me tell you that the September Dubai tour in Dubai Beach is a good choice for summer romance! In the second half of Dubai, it has entered a warm "September" with a temperature of around 25 degrees, which is comfortable and pleasant.

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Dubai Escort

At the beaches of Dubai, the summer mode continues: sun baths, beaches, water adventures, beachside shopping, vacation breaks. Adventure at sea, you are so cool when the sea is empty!

The hot summer give you emotion about the desire, Dubai is such a romantic city.You can enjoy the sea and shopping at the day time! On the other hand, in the Dubai night, of course, you can not live without girls.

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1. Flyboard

The pleasant Arabian Gulf is not only beautiful, but it is also a natural playground for Dubai people to take risks. The water board Flyboard is the coolest of all water sports. The experience leaps like a dolphin, rushes out of the sea like an iron man, shoulders shoulder to shoulder with a huge sailboat styling, and draws a 360° arc in midair. Enjoy the beautiful skyline of Dubai over the sea, this is a good idea!

Experience price: 15 minutes, 450 dirhams / person; 30 minutes, 600 dirhams / person, the official website can enjoy a minimum of 66% off.

Experience: 16 years of age or older (Note: Under 18 years of age, parents or guardians must sign a power of attorney), swimming, the minimum weight needs to exceed 50 kg.

In addition to challenging the heights, people who love sports are also obsessed with the thrill of speed. There are also a group of players on the Arabian Gulf who are driving jet skis. They are like the sea, they can fly freely in the wide waters and enjoy the Dubai star landmarks from many angles. Call your little friends and experience the ultimate challenge of two people riding the wind and breaking waves.

Price: 30 minutes sailing boat tour route, 350 dirhams / boat, can be shared by 2 people.

Enjoy the carnival between the sun, the beach and the waves!

Laze on the comfortable sun bed to enjoy the beautiful view of the Arabian Gulf, enjoy the joyful atmosphere of many people in the sunshine and the sea breeze, taste the global cuisine with friends from all over the world, and feel the DJ enthusiasm of the music superstar in the carnival of the late night party. From the second of the footsteps of Niki Beach, the holiday mode will automatically turn on!

The design here is very intimate. In the casual lounge on the first floor, the Nikki Privé private cottage allows you to enjoy special drinks and refreshments in the exclusive swimming pool. Niki Beach has an entertainment show on Amazing Sunday every Sunday, and many internationally renowned brands and well-known performance teams often host cultural events here. I can still watch the world-class performance while on vacation. Do you feel that you have earned it?

4. Riva Beach Club

The RIVA Beach Club in Palm Jumeirah is especially suitable for families with baby travel. In addition to the open-air swimming pool for adults, we also carefully prepared a temperature-controlled swimming pool for the children, which is safe and intimate. The whole family can rent a few lazy chairs and watch the energetic beach volleyball. You can also jump into the pool to create a concave shape. There is also a selection of food from around the world for the whole family.

5. The Beach

Dubai also offers another great pleasure for those who love the beach: swimming with the sea breeze, buying and buying can be so comfortable. Shopping at the beach is probably the most relaxing shopping experience.

Located in the beach shopping center of JBR Beach, the sun is shining, the sea breeze is comfortable, strolling in the designer's brand stores of various countries, and slowly picking the fashionable and good things. This long and narrow outdoor business district is favored by shopping controls and locals.

A one-kilometer shopping mall with green trees and gentle sea breeze. Here, almost every café and restaurant has an outdoor terrace, so that shopping for people to enjoy the food under the blue sea and blue sky is definitely a pleasant shopping experience.

When you are tired, in addition to sitting in the cafe next to the road, you can also take a self-portrait with a lover. Or take the children to lie down and sunbathe, the time is slow and slow here, and the feeling of happiness will be amplified a little bit.

Reading this, do you think that Dubai Beach is omnipotent and there are so many rich experiences waiting for you. In September, Dubai Beach has entered a comfortable time, Chongqing Youth Travel Agency will take you off at any time, waiting for you.

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