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Lymphatic Detoxification by Massage in Dubai

Lymph is one of the most important components of our body and it is a good helper in detoxification for your whole body. In Dubai, people's outdoor sport are less than the other city's because of the high temperature and the strong sunshine. If the lymphatic detoxification is not good, what can we do? Today, I will tell you how to detoxify lymph, how to massage lymphatic detoxification.

Dubai Body to body massage

How to detoxify lymph

1. You can use the index finger of our hands to start along the contour from the top of the chin and slide it all the way to the underside of the ear.

2, the massage of the cervical lymph nodes can promote the discharge of waste. The lymphatic system on the neck is from the back of our ears to the shoulders. It is necessary to start massage from the area behind the ears, press from top to bottom, until the shoulder blades, pay attention, stop here for a few seconds, then relax, repeat five times. It is better to do this massage in the shower.

3, clavicular lymph node massage, for the body's metabolism can be activated, can be massaged from the inside to the outside with the fingertips of the other four fingers, until the shoulder blade, it is also necessary to pause for a few seconds to relax, repeated five times.

4, you can massage the lymphatic behind the ear, massage this area, can better promote the discharge of excess water, in addition, there is a large lymphatic behind the ear, when you press hard, you will feel sore, often press If you have the same acupuncture point.

You can stimulate the lymph glands to better promote the discharge of toxins. When doing it, pay attention to the fact that the force should be concentrated on the fingertips, relax after a few seconds, press again, and repeat 5 times.

Lymphatic detoxification methods are very numerous, and lymphatic massage is also a way to help detoxification. Let’s take a look at it together.

Massage has so many benefits, you can try it not only for lymph, but also your whole body.

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