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How can we get a good oil massage in Dubai by ourselves?

In Dubai, everyone must be carefully to get the right one when choosing the essential oil for massage body. I would like to lavender to mix Jojoba essential oil to massage my body. I didn't expect the effect to be very pleasant and I feel very comfortable. You can also try it!

When you come to Dubai, because of the along, you should try to find an escort in Dubai.Our girl can not only provide you the best escort experience but also an amazing massage service. Using essential oils to massage the body can relax, relieve stress and decompress the skin. It is a great way to maintain beauty. In fact, this kind of massage is not to be done in a professional beauty salon. As long as you learn massage techniques, you can massage yourself at home.

Sayuri is a Japanese Escort Girl who can also do the best full body massage with essential oil for you.

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In general, there are two major techniques for essential oil body massage.

1, Caress

Please use the whole palm when you massage, not just with your fingers. It should be relaxed with both hands. The strength can be strong or gentle. The movement can be large or small. Through a series of gentle sliding and soothing movements, the essential oil will penetrate into the body, which will relax the muscles. It can increase blood circulation and relax the body.

2, Kneading

This technique is like pinching the dough, and the thumb can be slightly applied, but the movement should be slow and moderate. These actions are very helpful for thick fat areas and the back, which can relax muscles, promote the flow of blood and lymph, and help the body toxins.

When using the above two basic techniques to massage in all parts of the body, you must massage in the direction of the heart. When you massage children, the old and the weak, please use gentle sliding to gently stroke the movement.

1, the head. Put your hands on your head, massage them back and forth in a circular motion. The strength should be comfortable. Repeat the massage inside and outside until you feel your head relaxed.

2, the neck. The technique is a small circular motion. The cervical vertebrae is divided into two sides, each massaged from the bottom of the neck to the bottom of the scalp, and the left and right sides of the cervical vertebrae form a circular massage action.

3, the shoulder. Use the sliding strokes and kneading techniques, using the thumb and palm, from the shoulder to the neck, repeatedly massage back and forth.

4, the back. Use the technique of sliding caressing and kneading, the strength can be strong or weak, but do not massage on the spine. Starting from the inside of the back of the waist, the movements of both hands should be smooth, massage up to the shoulders, and then massage the outside of the back. Repeat this massage for many times. The longer the time, the more relaxed the body is.

5, the abdomen. Dip the essential oil with your fingertips and use a sliding stroke. When you massage yourself, use a clockwise circular motion. When you massage for others, it is counterclockwise. Essential oils can help maintain the skin of the abdomen.

6, the arm. Four fingers close together, use your fingertips to move back and forth to press the forearm muscles, and push your fingers from the elbows up to the shoulders. When reaching the shoulders, the fingers are bent along the shoulders, then flattened and gently massaged down to the elbows. , repeated massage.

7, the legs. The fingers are relaxed, bent along the legs, and gently massage legs from the ankles to the thighs with a gentle kneading and squeezing technique.

8, the feet. Use a thumb to massage straight from the toe to the heel or to twirling the acupuncture points. Massage on the soles of the feet.

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