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Going to Dubai, you have to pay attention to these things

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. It is the most populous of the United Arab Emirates, but it is not its capital. Dubai has always been the spokesperson of “local tyrants”, “oil” and “luxury cars” in the impression of foreigners. These elements almost constitute an overall impression of Dubai. Is Dubai really what everyone thinks?

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In the impression of foreigners, Dubai has become a "local tyrant" because of its rich oil resources, so it can drive a luxury car. But in fact, as early as 2013, Dubai's oil production has dropped from the initial 410,000 barrels to less than 70,000 barrels. Dubai is not full of luxury cars everywhere. Dubai has already begun to transform before oil production declines. Today, oil accounts for only 6% of GDP, and Dubai's main economic pillars are tourism, finance, real estate and aviation.

In terms of tourism, Dubai has the world's largest artificial island, Palm Island. There is also the world's tallest artificial building - Burj Khalifa. There is a rumor that there is a luxury car in Dubai, which was once crazy on the Internet. In fact, those luxury cars are just a measure used by Dubai to attract tourists. It is equivalent to using the money to build an attraction to buy a luxury car.

Thereby achieving the purpose of attracting tourists. Although many of Dubai's attractions are man-made, it attracts an endless stream of people to go sightseeing. Do you know the attention and taboos of traveling to Dubai? Let's take a look at it.

First of all, it is to sort out the luggage. In Dubai, hotels there generally do not provide disposable toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, shampoos and other items. So before going to Dubai, these daily necessities need to be prepared by themselves. Then there is no hot water in the hotel.

If you need hot water, you have to bring your own electric kettle to boil. Speaking of electrical appliances, I here have to mention a charging head. The socket in Dubai is a British three-hole socket. So before you leave, go to the mall to buy a British plug converter. So as not to get there, the phone tablet and the computer can not be used.

Second, it is consumption. When you stay at the hotel, the phone in the hotel room is charged and the price is more expensive. So it is best to buy a local phone magnetic card and call the public phone booth. In addition to the telephone, there are pay TV, snacks and feed, which are also paid. So ask the questions and then use them.

Then, it is a tip. In Dubai, you have to give tips too much. Hotel doormen, room cleaners, taxi drivers, waiters, and the people who guide you, you need to give them a tip of $ 1-5. Therefore, you should always keep your cash in hand so as not to have a tip. When leaving the room to play every day, it is best to put some tips in the room for the cleaners who come to clean.

Finally, it is customs and diet. Dubai is a city of Muslim faith, so there are many religious taboos here. Here, you are not allowed to wear sleeveless tops, shorts, short skirts, etc. Especially when entering temples and palaces, be sure to dress neatly. And you can't take pictures. You can take a photo unless you have the consent of the locals or you can take pictures at the sights.

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If you happen to catch up with Dubai's annual Ramadan period, then after sunrise and before sunset. It is not allowed to drink water and eat anything in public places. And most restaurants will also close at this time. So in order to avoid hungry, it is best to bring some snacks in the past.

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