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Enjoy Your Happy Hour at Atlantis Dolphin Bay, Dubai

The Atlantis Hotel Dubai is a classic holiday resort in Dubai. Atlantis, The Palm, is a hotel on the artificial palm island of Dubai. Officially opened on November 20, 2008. The hotel is based on the legendary and highly civilized Atlantis, a $1.5 billion hotel on the palm island of the world's largest man-made island. The hotel has the largest water park and giant aquarium in the Middle East. The aquarium has 65,000 fish. Guests can also make an appointment to snorkel with the dolphins in the shallow waters of Dolphin Bay. The atrium is home to a large rotating glass sculpture by the famous American glass artist Chihuly. The glass art is very similar to the mysterious creature on the sea floor. The hotel has a total of 1,539 rooms and rents range from $800 to $25,000 per night. The top floor is the exclusive area of ​​the super rich, the penthouse suite has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and there is a gold leaf dining table for 18 people to enjoy the layout of the entire island. When you sitting in the hall of this hotel, it will be so proud of yourself. In the day time, you can enjoy the view in there. On the other hand, in the Dubai night, of course, you can not live without girls. Our Dubai Escort service can provide you the best Dubai Escort girls with best body to body massage. You can find so many exciting happy thing with these escorts girls in Dubai. Sayuri is a Japanese Dubai Escort Girl who can also do the best full body massage with essential oil for you. The Dolphin Bay at the Atlantis, The Palm Island has a variety of games that are intimately in contact with dolphins. You can sing with the dolphins, dance together, swim together, play with the water, and of course you can hug intimately. The dolphins will even give you A kiss.

Dolphin living environment Dolphin Bay covers an area of ​​4.5 hectares, which simulates the natural environment of dolphins and creates a truly comfortable home for dolphins. The Dolphin Bay is divided into three oversized lagoons with more than 20 bottlenose dolphins imported from the Solomon Islands. There is a shoal in Dolphin Bay, which is dedicated to those who can't swim and the children. They can also be in close contact with dolphins on the shoals, and the design is very user-friendly. Tour guide All visitors need to enter the Dolphin Bay according to the prescribed time. After entering, the staff will first arrange a video of the dolphin in a room, then the trainer will explain the question, tell you how to touch the dolphins, and the safe standing position. And gestures are very particular. Finally, the group was grouped and the swimsuit was released. After changing the swimsuit provided by Dolphin Bay, you can't wait to get into the water and get in touch with the dolphins. Intimate contact with dolphins The good group followed the trainers to the sea and stood in a row. The sea is very shallow and waist-deep. In a short while, a dolphin swims over. You can touch his back with both hands, and its back is slippery. When the dolphins came up, they came to a leap and took a group photo with everyone. After that, I will come to kiss the tourists, and the individual will hug and take photos with the tourists and kiss them. Swimming with dolphins If you can swim, you can swim with the dolphins to the center of the lagoon and sneak into the bottom of the pool, then experience the most popular items in Dolphin Bay - let the dolphins carry you along the way and finally escort you to the shore.

After the dolphins and everyone took a photo, everyone stood face to face in two rows. The trainers stood in front of the two teams, guiding the dolphins to swim in front of everyone and start singing together. After the song was finished, the trainers took out a small fish to reward the dolphins. Good times are always very short. When they leave, when they leave, the dolphins are stunted, standing, going backwards and flying high. Finally, I will leave with everyone, and the dolphins will swim away. Address: Atlantis The Palm, Crescent Road, Palm Island, Dubai Phone: +971-4-4261168

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