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Dubai Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Everyone on earth knows that although Dubai has become internationally renowned in recent years, but the natural conditions are poor, especially in summer the maximum temperature may exceed 50℃. It is such a typical tropical desert climate, but there is such a wetland park, inhabited by many birds coming here for winter, especially flamingos, more than 2,000. Everyone knows that the paradise of flamingos is in NAKURU, Kenya. But now, let's have a look that what Dubai can provide to us.

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The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary is located a short distance away from the city. Not like the Burj Khalifa, all the scenery here is naturally. Dubai once attracted millions of tourists every year, and it is also an ideal place for thousands of migratory birds to inhabit. Ras Al Khor means "the corner of Dubai Creek". It is located at the exit of Dubai Creek and is one of the few urban protected areas in the world.

There are three kinds of birds in the periphery of the reserve. In winter, there are non-flaming birds that come out to grab the limelight. Among the pink feathers, you can find herons, great egrets, rock herons, cormorants, black-winged stilts, sandpipers, hawks, and many more species when you look closely.

This is a rare place with more than 20,000 waterbirds of 67 species. As for the homeland of 500 species of animals and plants, it is the most well-managed wild wetland in the area. For the winter migratory birds in East Africa moving to West Asia, this is a critical transitional area.

The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is an urban reserve that is rarely located in the rehabilitation area. It is also a wetland with a world-class rating on the Ramsar Convention catalogue. It has been certified as a "key bird area" by the International Bird Federation. There are fences outside the protected area for protection purposes and are strictly monitored by the Dubai Municipal Government.

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Open for free. Individuals and family groups of up to five members can register to visit the nature reserve directly. Group tourists and tour operators must submit visit applications via email.

Opening hours:

Winter (October-March) 7:30-17:30, summer (April-September) 6:00-18:00, time may change during Ramadan and legal holidays (8:00-16 : 00), please refer to the official website for details.

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