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Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is the first national park in the UAE, where you can experience an unprecedented stimulus project – desert sand washing. Sitting on a four-wheel drive, turning over the sand dunes, and going to the wild animals in the desert. This trip will keep about 8 hours, when you finish this, the night will fall. In the night, what thing can fill your desire? Yes, of course a lovely Dubai escort girl and with a body to body massage at your bed. The escort girl in Dubai can give you her real heart and make you feel no longer alone for sure. A happy ending is what this amazing night send to you. Cherry is from Malaysia, she is our best escort girl in Dubai, can do such an amazing Dubai full body Massage.

Environmental protection The Dubai Desert Reserve is a desert wilderness environment that has been carefully planned and protected by the Dubai government for many years. There are a variety of biological species, including wild antelopes, sand gazelle and mountain gazelle. In addition, 38 species of mammals and reptiles native to the Arabian Peninsula have been introduced, including Arab rabbits, sand foxes, Arabian red foxes and wild cats from Gordon. It is also a sanctuary for the thriving desert shrubs. Classic items In addition to the precious flora and fauna, there is an exciting classic in the desert, which is the desert sand that must be experienced in Dubai. You can book through the travel agency. Usually, the sand-rushing team will pick you up at your hotel at 3 pm and drive to the desert reserve in about an hour. Afterwards, the driver refueled, purchased tickets, and went to the reserve to take a break. The sand began to officially start at around 5 pm.

Admire the sunset After the end of the sand washing, it happened to be sunset. This is the best time to enjoy the sunset. Surrounded by endless deserts, you can sit on the sand dunes and admire the rolling, layered sand dunes, which are red and golden under the setting sun. At the same time, you can quietly watch the distant red sunset into the skyline. Arabian style camp After enjoying the sunset, return to the traditional Arabian-style camp. You can choose to have a small drink (arabino, tea, soft drinks, alcohol for free), or experience a camel ride, or you can have an Arab artist on your arm. Draw beautiful Hannah flowers, of course you can also experience Arabic hookah in all tastes. Desert nightlife As night falls, , a small wooden table is set up in the desert, tablecloths are placed, and a special Arabian feast is placed. The feast is equipped with grilled meats, fresh salads and a variety of Arabic desserts. Under the starry sky, you can enjoy the delicious, Arabian-inspired belly dance while enjoying the food. You can also go on stage to dance with it. The gap will turn off for a moment, then you can stare at the starry sky and experience the long-lost peace and harmony away from the city. In this night, it is the time of our Dubai Escorts girl with body to body massage service

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