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Dubai Al Bastakiya, such an old fashion area

The historic Arab complex on the banks of the Dubai River, also known as Bastakiya, is the oldest part of Dubai, and it seems to be in the past. These old buildings have been converted into shaded cafes, art galleries and bizarre shops, making them a great place for tourists. We know that, you can do see all the beauty of Dubai at the morning and noon time, but what about after the 8 pm? Can you play outside that time? I don't believe so. So how could you enjoy the night time then? Yes, of course a body to body massage or a escort girl can make you feel double fun after a happy day with a happy ending in Dubai.

Vivian is from Korea, she can speak fluent English and a good heart girl. She is so good at Nuru Massage and she provides absolutely best escort in Dubai. The origin of the old city The old town of Bastakiya is the only remaining wind tower complex on the Arabian coast of the Gulf. Standing in this old town, you can see the tranquility and tranquility of Dubai in the past. The name Bastakiya originated from the Iranian town of Bastak. Most of the first business immigrants in Dubai in the early 19th century came from this town. Old "air conditioning" Bastakiya is an Arab architectural model. Traditional houses with wind towers are built in narrow alleys, from which you can see how people live. The wind tower not only attracts attention, but also has an "air conditioning" function, which can send filtered cold air into the house to dispel the hot air inside the house. The present in the old city Today's Bastakiya has been developed by the Dubai Cultural Tourism Authority as an important stop for tourists to learn about Dubai and Arab culture. There are galleries of local artists, coffee shops and small shops selling souvenirs. You can spend some time strolling around, maybe you will find it unexpectedly. The feelings of the old city

In the old city, there are yellowish walls, or round, or straight lines, showing the whimsy of the ancient Arabs on the building. Perhaps it is the reverie of the past, which has made the Dubai people have a great new thing today. mind. Here, you can feel the bustling of tourists; the quietness of the birds singing in the alley. These Arab buildings that guard the Dubai Creek enjoy the sun bathing every day, and the nourishment of the holy water, so that the people who come here have also harvested a pure and beautiful. Address: Al Hamriya, Bur Dubai - Dubai Tel: +971-4-5155000 Dubai is of course a sexy city, and when you have the chance to have a visit here, you may contact us to get more information about the Dubai Escort and Massage. At the same time, not only playing, you can also take some time to enjoy our service of Dubai Escort Girl.

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