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Aquaventure Waterpark - More than Best Water Park in Dubai

Atlantis Water Park is located in the Atlantis, The Palm, the largest water park in the Middle East. Here you can experience underwater rafting, the thrilling Poseidon Tower, and the thrilling Poseidon revenge slide.

Purchase tickets and instructions in the park

The hotel has a dedicated water park entrance, and visitors can also take the light rail or bus directly to play. Guests staying at the hotel are admitted to the park for free, as long as they go to the ticket office to register.

Tickets are divided into hotel windows inside and outside the hotel. The locker and dining in the park are subject to additional charges. After entering the ticket, they enter the gate and enter the park. The garden is like a tropical garden filled with lots of tropical plants, with a striking road sign guiding it.

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The Leap of Faith

Strolling through the garden, you don't have to worry about the local hot sun. There are many shaded views and free seating areas every other way. There are many star projects in the park, first of all The Leap of Faith, which is located at the top of the tower and needs to climb to the top of the 9-story building. Then, in just one second, it swooped down from a height of more than 9 floors, and through transparent pipes, passing through the waters of sharks and squids, it was very thrilling.

Shark Tunnel

The second star project, Shark Tunnel, is the lower right hand side of the tower. This project needs to find the lifebuoy from the pool next to it, take it up and sit on it. The main experience is that the first half of the black hole in the pipe quickly slides, the second half enters the ocean, slides in the sea world, if you look up before coming out, you can also see the devil fish on the transparent pipe. This project can be single or double.

Poseidon's Revenge

The third star project is Poseidon's Revenge, a project in which you are in a closed space like a spaceship, letting you suddenly feel free to fall, at the fastest speed of 60 km / h. It is necessary to pay attention to be sure to close the gas, otherwise it will drown, very exciting and thrilling.

Other projects

There is also a very thrilling project called Zoomerago, where six people sit in a boat and slide down from the highest point, which is terrible. There is also a project called Shark Attack, which is a one-on-one or two-person companionship, riding a drifting air cushion, circling down the slide from the most mysterious core of the tower, and then going through a leisurely "shark sightseeing" trip.

Paid item

There are also many paid items in the water park, such as jungle crossing, feeding devil fish, underwater diving, swimming with dolphins, photography, etc. Prices range from 100-600 AED.

Children's world

In the water world, of course, you will not forget the lovely children. The Splasher Children's Play Area is home to a well-designed water game, slides and climbing facilities. Here, you can watch your child play happily on the climbing facility, or challenge the 10 different water slides that connect with the five cable bridges with confidence.

Private beach

Of course, the water park is not only a thrilling project, but also a private beach stretching 700 meters. Whether you want to play in the sea, enjoy pure sunshine, play beach volleyball, take a leisurely walk, here are family trips. The ideal place.

Gourmet shopping

If you are tired of playing in the park, there are floating restaurants in the park, which has more than 15 restaurants offering a variety of meals, snacks and snacks. Fresh, delicious, and a wide variety of varieties to choose from. For more details, please visit the official website:

Of course, there are also gift shops in the park where you can shop and buy some local souvenirs and costumes. If you are tired, you can come and take a break.

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