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A Head Massage Will Give You More Benefits Than You Thought

Many people would say that massage head, will make the mind clear, and make your body strong, because there are a lot of scalp massage and stimulate nerve endings and organizations, for eve one's health, it can be a big step. Through the nerve reflex, improves the working efficiency of the cerebral cortex, make body better adapt to the environment, to strengthen the educational role.

Massage head can promote the blood circulation, relieve fatigue and promote enhance blood flow, comb your hair before bed helps to sleep at night.

People usually used to finger scratching his head. Not only can dredge the blood in the brain, and for the whole body of the organs function also has a coordinating role, to massage the acupuncture points, to prevention and treatment of disease, although not as strong as acupuncture, massage but larger area, gentle, can also collaterals, such as neurasthenia, headache, insomnia, forgetfulness, senile dementia. So nothing often massage pecially the elderly and mental workers.

Massage the scalp of the method is simple and easy, whenever and wherever, the left hand or right hand five fingers stretched when massage, massage gently with fingers on the scalp, massage before and after the first direction, left and right again to massage, massage in circles, finally, generally 5 ~ 10 minutes, massage in the morning and once a day. After a long time, you can experience the benefits of massage the scalp.

Often massage the scalp to stimulate the scalp capillaries, making them expansion coarsens, blood circulation, to supply more nutrients and oxygen of brain tissue. Scalp blood circulation is improved, and conducive to the growth of the hair, prevent hair loss and white, old people often massage the scalp, can prolong life.

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