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6 major attractions that must be visited in Dubai

Located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is an international metropolis. One side is the sea, and the unique terrain of the desert allows you to enjoy two different holiday life. You can sunbathe on Jumeirah Beach, or go to the sandy beaches of the semi-sea and half-sea to see the sunset.

Of course, if you have enough money and are willful, you can also enjoy the luxury of the sailing hotel, seaplanes overlooking the entire Palm Island, tasting food at the seabed restaurant, or going shopping in Dubai's major shopping malls. But when you are playing in Dubai alone, do you want some escorts girls to visit this amazing city with you? In the evening do you want some happy ending game or a body to body massage in Dubai. So check the girls now!

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Dubai Escort

There are 6 best places to visit in Dubai!

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest building and artificial structure, with a height of 828 meters and a cost of 1.5 billion US dollars. It is the highest building in the world's already built buildings. In the shape of the Burj Khalifa is a six-petal desert flower, the effect is extremely beautiful, is a rare landscape in the world.

2. Burj Al Arab Hotel

Come to Dubai, but be sure to watch the most famous hotels, Burj Al Arab Hotels! It is also the only seven-star hotel in the world, with the utmost luxury, and each suite offers panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf. There is also the Al Mahara seafood restaurant, which is perfect for the environment and service, as if you were in an aquarium. Hotel Facilities The hotel is located on an artificial island extending within 280 meters of the Arabian Gulf. It looks like a wind-swept sail and is the most luxurious representative of the UAE.

3. Jumeirah Public Beach

The Jumeirah Public Beach is located in the northeast of the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The sand is soft and white, with the blue waters of the Persian Gulf in front and a row of luxury hotels. In addition to the hotel's private beach, this is the only place in Dubai where you can wear a swimsuit and is the perfect place to enjoy and photograph a Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The Dubai Museum, formerly known as the Royal Palace, Fortress and Haiphong Castle, is the oldest building in Dubai. Walking into the museum is like entering the time tunnel. From the open-air exhibition of the museum, you can see the old houses of the ancient Arabs, including the earliest wind tower.

5. Dubai Aquarium

You absolutely can't think of the world's largest aquarium in a desert area. The Dubai Aquarium has the world's largest aquarium, where you can enjoy a variety of rare aquatic life, watch a otter painting performance, or take a glass bottom boat. Visit the aquarium for a different experience.

IMG Adventure Park - the world's largest indoor amusement park, local Dubai has invested $1 billion to create the world's best. The amusement park is divided into four parts - Marvel Heroes World, Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure, Cartoon Channel and IMG Avenue. One of the most attractive is the Marvel Heroes Park, which is exclusively authorized by Marvel Pictures.

Dubai is a magical city, and when you have the opportunity to get an unforgettable trip! You may contact us to get more information about the Dubai Escort and Massage in Dubai.

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