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5 niche attractions, meet a different Dubai

Dubai has many landmarks, with early sailing hotels, now Burj Khalifa, Princess Tower, and countless luxury towers. In fact, to travel to Dubai, in addition to the aforementioned, there are these attractions can not be missed.

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Now, let me introduce some 5 place to you.

1. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is a brand new landmark completed in 2018. It looks like a huge gold photo frame standing in the middle of the city. From the side of the photo frame, you can see Dubai's new and modern city skyline; from the other side, it is the old town with a Middle Eastern character, showing the beautiful scenery of Dubai's old and new. Take the elevator to the air corridor on the top floor, and watch the panorama of the city in 360 degrees. The glass under the foot is stepped on, and the fog surface becomes transparent. Visitors can see breathtaking high altitude scenery.

2. Souk Madinat

The market, the spice market and the gold market can be said to be the first places visitors go to Dubai. But if you want to avoid crowds, Dubai has a Souk Madinat, which is not only beautiful in layout and environment, but also allows visitors to enjoy the market in the air-conditioned rooms. The Old Fortress is an antique-style tower located in a luxury hotel built with blueprints of the ancient Arab city. It sells spices, hookahs, lamps, tapestries, headscarves, perfumes and other Middle Eastern-style handicrafts. The traditional wooden raft (Abra), from the canal waterway to the buildings on the shore, has a different style.

3. Dubai Canal

The Dubai Water Canal is a miracle of urban renewal that came out in 2016. This artificial canal has created Dubai's most prosperous area as an independent island and created a wide range of public events for the coast. Let’s take a look at the Dubai Canal, which has not yet been crowded, and enjoy the leisurely jogging along the river bank and cycling. The artificial waterfall of the canal is a big attraction. Whenever a person passes by, the waterfall stops the water flow and the technology is full of sense.

The Dubai Opera's exterior is inspired by the traditional Arabian rafts. Since its completion in 2016, it has become a new cultural landmark in the Middle East. The delicate and high-profile stage acoustics attracts art performers from all over the world. Musical, ballet, concert and other world-class performances will be on the scene. Even if you don't go in and listen to the show, the wonderful appearance of the opera is enough to capture the beautiful photos.

Invisible to the tranquil Historic District of Dubai, XVA Art Hotel is a boutique hotel transformed from an Arabian-style wind tower. The open-air courtyard with Arabic-inspired atmosphere and shades, as well as rooms decorated with works by local famous designers and artists, as well as small shops selling Arabic handicrafts, make XVA not only a hotel but also an Arab culture. The connotation of the attraction has become a clear stream in the luxury hotels, which is a good choice to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai.

After reading the above-mentioned niche attractions, did you want to buy a ticket and go to Dubai to play? Then act quickly and discover a different Dubai!

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