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You have to know something about the Dubai Summer Surprise

Dubai's annual shopping festival is very popular with everyone. There is also a shopping festival in the summer of this year, that is, the summer surprise shopping festival, there will be many discounts and promotions here, then, recently announced here. Time, specific information, let's take a look!

We know that, you can do all the fun and shopping in the daytime of Dubai, but what about the night? How can you find fun in the lonely night? Yes, of course a body to body massage or a escort girl can make you feel double fun after a shopping day in Dubai.

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Dubai Escort Gisl

The date of this year's Dubai Summer Surprise Shopping Carnival (DSS) has been announced and will be held from June 21st to August 3rd. There will be a six-week large-scale promotion and various experience activities.

Highlights: Shopping, fun and multiple offers, let you have a reason to come to Dubai

In the middle of the year, it is suitable to bring children and family to Dubai to participate in the Dubai Summer Surprise Festival.

This city-wide carnival lasts for more than one month, including shopping, food, hotels and other big discounts, covering Dubai's shopping malls and shopping streets. And hotels, top restaurants, etc. After entering the night, you can also go to the city to participate in concerts, fireworks shows and other activities, every time you let you feel a different "surprise fun." After that, if you have more energy and still feel hungry about the happy time, you can try our Dubai Escort Service to enjoy a happy ending.


This year is the 22nd year of DSS. I can look forward to seeing more discounts on top international brands in major shopping malls and shopping districts in Dubai. This year's promotions will include shopping, attractions, hotel accommodation and home entertainment in the city.

In addition to the six-week large promotion, there are many other activities waiting for us:

1. Indoor home entertainment destination, Modhesh World returns.

2, daily specials for fashion, beauty and household items, one day, only one location, one brand exclusive sale.

3. Exciting live concerts and world-class performances.

4. Massive prizes and large-scale draws, including cars, cash, hotel accommodation, gift certificates, etc.

What other discount activities are there?

Ramadan in Dubai is an important annual festival. This special festival will have many cultural events, family gatherings and gifts for friends and family. Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated after Ramadan, there will be many promotions in the shopping centre and open-air market, and holiday packages will be offered at hotels throughout Dubai.

Now the summer surprise festival in Dubai has begun, you can also come here to learn about Ramadan activities, and there are some discounts here!

At the same time, not only shopping, you can also take some time to enjoy our service of Escort in Dubai, and full body massage in Dubai.

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