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Essential Oil Massage Effect and Frequency

In Dubai, how long does a essential oil massage do? Because the effect of the essential oil massage is immediate, many girls want to have an essential oil massage every day, but can the essential oil massage be done every day? What effect does the essential oil massage have? Let's take a look at it together. How long does it take for an essential oil massage to be the best in Dubai?

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Dubai Best Massage

Through massage, essential oil penetrates into the skin to clear the lymphatic tissue, eliminate accumulated toxins, help break down fat, and eliminate excess water in the body, thus detoxifying and effectively tightening the skin. Using the method of essential oil massage, the body muscles can be tightened and the annoying puffy body can be removed.

Massage is a passive energy-consuming process. Research has found that long-term, moderate-intensity massage consumes more calories than a high-intensity, short-term massage. In general, enjoying a 60-minute massage consumes the same amount of energy as a continuous swim for 45 minutes, which is equivalent to jogging for 30 minutes.

2, Achieve cosmetic efficacy

It promotes blood circulation of the skin, promotes cell regeneration, and restores skin's elasticity. In addition, the use of essential oils to massage the skin has the effect of regulating the oil secretion of the skin, maintaining the skin's acid-base balance, so that the skin's oil is not easy to accumulate, avoiding various blockages and skin aging.

3, Head massage efficacy

Using essential oils to massage the scalp, nourish the scalp cells, effectively improve hair quality and relieve stress. Modern people are busy with work and life every day. Most people are overwhelmed by pressure. Therefore, soothing is more important than beauty and health.

Essential oils enter the skin cells through massage and then enter the blood vessels and tissues throughout the body. The aroma of essential oils also has a great influence on our emotions. The aroma of essential oils will enter the brain system in the brain, where the human unconscious and emotional fields are gated. Through the stimulation of essential oils, the brain will have a pleasant feeling. Aromas are easy to help release emotions and help relieve stress throughout the body.

Can oil massage be done every day?

Essential oil massage can't be done every day. Whether it is facial oil massage, body oil massage or local oil massage, it is not recommended to do it every day. Because the essential oil massage every day, it will bring a certain burden to the skin, resulting in excess nutrients, resulting in acne, closed mouth, or excessive secretion of oil. And after the essential oil massage, the skin also needs a certain amount of time to rest, and digest the essential oil, so the essential oil massage is not recommended to do every day.

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