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Daily Arm Massage Method

Daily enlarge bosom

As long as there is a time to do massive exercise of chest expansion and can adjust the rhythm and sometimes fast, sometimes slow. As long as there is warm feeling, feel the back muscles and achieved the effect of burning fat. Do insist on time every day, this is most likely to stick to exercise, want beautiful figure is absolutely not the enlarge bosom.

Rested on her hips shaking arm

Open the legs to and shoulder are the same as wide, upright standing well and her hands rested on her hips. Hold in the arms forward after shaking, practice over and over again until they felt tired. This exercise can help your back muscles to get exercise, make your back more compact, let you easily practice beauty back.

Thin bed movement back

At night before bed, but also on the bed to do sit-ups, push-ups, or limb, waist, back, abdomen massage, can also rub foot, in the production of body fluid, kidney and improving eyesight, relieve the fatigue of a day's work. Only need 15 minutes, still can make you better at night to sleep, improve sleep quality and let the whole people's health has improved.

With dumbbell exercise

Between your thumb and index finger in escaping the dumbbell, with palms toward the inside body grabbed the dumbbell, then do repeatedly put up, when your dumbbells expiratory and inspiratory when put down. Note put do not use the power of the wrist, also do not bend the wrist. If 1 kg is too light, also can choose 2 kg dumbbell.


The ground stomach, elbow flexion, crawling back and forth. Thin crawl back the best way is crept, especially suitable for obese people back, cervical vertebra fatigue. Crawling movement can effectively exercise the body, especially the back muscles, keep practicing, for a long time can thin waist and abdomen make a strong spine back looks more strong and handsome.


Breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, four strokes back muscles in exercise, reduce back fat has obvious effect, of which the butterfly effect is most obvious. Swimming can let the whole body movement, most whether want to thin, swimming is the best choice. Paying special attention to, don't be impatient in order to lose weight not to warm up before swimming, it will be easy to cramp, very dangerous, so please remember to do warm-up exercise.

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