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Massage method of shoulder and neck muscles strain

With the increasing popularity of computers, mobile phones, people in the work life is most of the time sitting in front of the computer, or in a variety of positions play with mobile phones, it also brings health a hidden trouble, feel shoulder neck muscle stiffness acid trapped you? Arm, neck movement when heard the joints of soup?

If any, that you've had a shoulder neck muscle strain, if not in time to eliminate symptoms, can cause cervical spondylosis, strain site internal inflammation, arm raised difficulties and other symptoms. Below small make up to introduce a method of easy massage master it, you can massage for parents, lovers, friends, for they eliminate strain hidden trouble to colleagues to reap full of love!

Patient sitting chair, massage therapist standing behind the patients about 20 centimeters, so that the massage.

To relax about patients with humeral back first, method for the rubbing. In the right, for example, with the right hand department for patients with humeral back counterclockwise rubbing, strength to soft and strong, uniform and comprehensive. The scope of rubbing shoulders along under the shoulder blades. Both sides continue to knead for 3 minutes, in order to achieve the purpose of active blood.

Panting, after rubbing to slap, fingers inside buckle is empty hands, shaking the wrist, slapping humeral back, power to light, not too hard and parts for the shoulder trapezius muscle, along the spine to the shoulder blade.

Two hands open, knead knead shoulder trapezius muscle, be gentle strength, penetration. Kneading a minute.

Two open palm, thumb drive on both sides of the spine, buckle as fixed before the other four fingers, knead can focus on the part of the patients feel acid bilges, action is not easy too fast, strength, have infiltrated the last 3 minutes.

With their thumb with three times on each side of cervical vertebra, the power to gentle penetration, with the part of the acid trapped feeling to rub up and want to focus on. With point massage after the wind pool, the acupuncture point each 1 minute.

Patients with both hands to clockwise and anti-clockwise one hand forearm activity three times, also the other hand, let the victim stood up to clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation neck three times.

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