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Benefits from a Back Massage in Dubai

Back massage can eliminate the fatigue of the back, invigorate the circulation of t2dm, and back massage also can alleviate some of the waist pain patients, help to the relaxation of the systemic, many people will have the phenomenon of back pain, long time of sitting posture and position can and often do not exercise, can cause the disease of the back waist, below we specific look at!

Health care massage waist can prevention and treatment of rheumatic lumbago back, waist and back muscle strain, dizziness, headache, insomnia, forgetfulness, dysphoria, heart palpitations, bowel, abdominal pain, abdominal distention, belching, spit acid, hiccups, vomiting and acute waist injury, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, ankylosing spondylitis, intestinal blood under the wind, long l, infantile enuresis and infantile malnutrition.

Spinal cord is the main body, the back is the main channel of central nervous system, and on both sides of the scattering out many pairs of nerve, spread to the limbs, body wall and internal organs, the brain and the information such as the excitement inhibition between different tissues and organs.

Spinal cord is the main body, the back is the main channel of central nervous system

Spine is meridian courses in the middle of the back line, its governor, a suit of meridians, commander in chief, adjust, contact other Yang meridians, status is very important.

And bladder on either side of the spine through the whole body up and down, in its five point has a corresponding reflex point, the pathological changes of viscera function, which can be reflected on the back point.

Modern medical research also proved that the back subcutaneous hides a large number of "sleeping" immune cells, in the case of lack of stimulation, these are extremely useful to the human body immune cells are often in a state of "dormancy", such as use the method of benign stimulation to activate it, make it into the blood circulation.

Became a reticular cells engulf foreign body ability, can actively eliminate harmful bacteria, improve the body's immune ability. In addition, there are important health back pocket, such as the famous clip ridge point and large vertebral, etc.

Therefore, if often can form a large area of negative pressure in the center of the back and stretch, the stimulation of extrusion and so on, also can use the way walk can stimulate.

This kind of special stimulation, is not only beneficial to rapid dredge meridian, balance of Yin and Yang, and can regulate organs, promote the blood circulation.

Endocrine function, enhanced by the conduction of the nervous system activated immune cells, improve their immune function and disease-resistant ability, reduce the happening of the disease.

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