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Massage techniques determine the effects of massage

"I want to massage a few times this symptom will be good? Massage several times a day? How long each time you want a massage?"

Words are often cut someone desperate to ask me, my answer is often so that they disappointed, because I consistently responded: "massage techniques determine the effects of massage, and massage or massage several times how long there is no absolute relationship"

Massage techniques determine the effects of massage, the answer seems to be sounding sounds, some people will think that I trick guessing.

In fact, not guessing, but the reason to explain some dwell, time-consuming, not to mention even to explain a long time, it was still skeptical.

Long story, still I have to say. Today, it is a long story short, it says this is a long story with instances of truth now!

Jenny taught in a high school teacher, and his sister to massage very interested, and the talent is very high, high school students is my fastest, best massage techniques and effects. Jenny sister for some time after the massage conditioning, a considerable number of health improvement.

Amy is my other students, she is very strong interest in massage, and massage for several years continuously DIY conditioning your body. A few days ago, unknown to Amy and Jenny met two people in my house, Amy consult I agree to let her watch the whole me how to help Jenny massage.

More than one person, the next scene becomes lively interesting.

Jenny said, the night before his sister seven or eight o'clock in the evening to help him massage his spirit has been very excited, tossing and turning all night, always felt there is a body on fire.

I saw his tongue, white fur, thick and greasy and dry without fluid, showing his poor digestive function, virtual energy; then massage his liver reflex zones, have liver qi stagnation response. No wonder he felt a hot flush can not sleep.

I used the strength of people to help him in a foot massage internal organs reflex zone massage, and hand in his feet inside the spinal reflex zone massage, smooth air a few minutes later, he spoke: "feel the body of the fire slowly going down, the body more comfortable, less thirsty mouth of. "As he spoke, his hands still on one side than painted.

Amy one, face suspicion, eyes wide open, says: "?? How could this be how it is."

I did not respond to her, but please Jenny once again let us look at his tongue. This time, Amy called out: "how could this be his tongue become less fluid yeah yeah there?!!"

I said casually: "massage determine the effects of massage, that's all."

Even saw, and Amy or a disbelief, muttering: "This in the end is how one thing ah!"

The next day, to a friend's house, she showed me a neck massage, like a mo fonts, can be placed on the shoulders of electric generating vibration massage, to my evaluation of its effectiveness.

I shook my head no comment, another friend A response to my somewhat disagree, maybe she thought I was too in love with my Recommend massage tools, massage over the exclusion of the other. She easily put the massage on his shoulders, plug it tried twelve minutes to win it to. I see her face is different, and asked her how it was. She said softly: "uncomfortable!"

Where does it hurt? Curiously, the site is not uncomfortable shoulder, but the chest!

"Why?" At the same time the two friends looked at me and asked in unison.

They are the concept of people, one will understand.

The third story:

One day, a friend B angrily came to ask me: "I used to roll the wheel you buy my feet, why suddenly felt uncomfortable stomach, as if there was a scurry of gas in the stomach?"

"I ask you how to roll?" I responded with a smile, she waved her think about where the problem lies.

"Oh! I know the problem." She suddenly realized, apart from anything else turned away. Shortly after, I visited her in the past: "how kind of gas is still rampant stomach it??"

"Gone! Gone! Sorry, I made a mistake."

What she made a mistake it! It turned out that her foot scroll wheel back and forth.

Jenny and A, B type two women are weak, so the encounter the above situation, the reaction is particularly evident. If able-bodied people experience the same situation, in general, there will not be so obvious reaction. The reason is simple: Wealthy people, the loss of hundreds of thousands is nothing. However, if a man from a poor family, such as washing out a few hundred dollars, to eat on a problem - the capital of different thickness too!

Massage the principle, simply put, it is to stimulate the reflex zones by force, start the body's healing power to balance the qi and blood, tissue and organ repair. Massage force strength, speed and direction of good times or bad will affect the speed of the response mechanisms of the body to repair itself, so massage is luxurious.

For example, jog or gallop can increase heart and lung function, promote blood circulation. However, if the running pace unsteadiness, or anxious, frantic, instead of calmly ran, how long it will probably not run out of breath, chest stuffy tight sad.

The frail people just a little hurry, walk faster pace, it is easy breathless.

Similarly, the more calm better massage. In general, self-care massage, gentle steady speed (to have rhythm, rhythm better), moderate strength (depending on individual tolerance, depending on weight and stomach are advised not gentle), a massage not excessive, massage facilities When the power smoothly premise (the force to cast out). Take into account these points, usually you do not have any big mistakes. If you worry about what consequences and unworthy, since no massage, that a big loser.

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