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Get More Than You Believe From Dubai Massage

In Dubai, more and more popular with the people of the health care keeping in good health therapy contains many characteristics. Massage is one of the basic therapy. Now, in the streets of the Dubai city, everywhere can find massage center, massage adjustment state of physiological and mental state, reach the role of physical fitness. This shows people's liking to massage. So, what massage specific effect? Has treatment effect to what disease?

Because traditional massage belongs to green therapy, non-toxic side effects, and work faster, the effect is good wait for an advantage by people chase after hold in both hands. Along with the progress of the massage technique, now the massage massage not only can strengthen physical health, also can achieve all kinds of bone disease treatment, the purpose of regulating sub-health state. Basically has the following several kinds of effect.

1, The role of regulating channels:

Meridian is throughout our whole body, it is of the essence of the human body, run qi, blood and body fluid, impair the main channel. It is within the internal winding outside in segments, bore, fur, brawn, bone, prudent, up and down the centuries, as well as the network link all parts of the body into an organic whole.

Meridian has a "line qi and Yin and Yang, bones and muscles, speech &drama joints" function, make the function of the various parts of the body to normal activities. Use massage can dredge meridian, and regulate the body's pathology and Ann, to achieve the health care I, namely "meridians, attending and".

2, Relaxes the muscles fatigue:

Through the massage can loosen soft tissue directly, rehabilitation massage directly by muscle stretch reflex inhibit muscle spasms, and by eliminating the pain source indirectly relieve muscle tension, so can effectively relax the body, eliminate excessive skeletal muscle tension and stiffness, maintain normal muscle tissue elasticity, prevent the accumulation of fatigue, promote physical recovery. Experiments show that the technique of the soft operation after five minutes, the amount of work that muscles can do 3 ~ 7 times than before. Many beneficiaries rehabilitation massage experience, high quality recovery massage compared with the same time of sleep, relieve fatigue, replenish energy, fitness effect is superior to the latter.

3, Promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis role:

Massage can expand capillary tube diameter, increase the permeability of blood vessels, reduce blood plasma viscosity, improve blood flow velocity, accelerate the venous blood and lymph centripetal flow, promote the metabolism of lactic acid and other waste decomposition and running, prevent limb swelling and blood stasis. The experimental results show that after the massage relax the muscles, blood flow alert to more than 10 times higher than that of the muscle tension. Mechanical stimulation of our limbs, have similar external counterpulsation effect, so as to reduce the burden of the heart, make the heart calm, decrease myocardial oxygen consumption, improve cardiovascular function. Muscular tension of lifting and peripheral blood capillary opening can reduce the peripheral resistance, also can have benign adjustment effect on blood pressure.

4, Chiropractic:

Technique at home and abroad experts noted that the human body a lot of diseases related to the arrangement of the spine slight disturbance. Massage in some special correction technique, have prevention and cure function on after spinal joint disorder. And the common spinal compression technique, in addition to the effect on the whole body adjustment, of spinal deformity, spinal degenerative diseases also have very good prevention effect. Massage can improve blood circulation around the joints, and promote the joint production of lubricant, speed up the joint exudate absorption, thereby eliminating joints within and around the joint effusion, and edema.

Massage in the passive mobility technique, can be appropriately pull ligament, enhance the elasticity and tension of ligament, maintain or restore joint physiological activity, prevent osteoporosis, joint ligament sprain and surrounding tissue adhesion joints. Massage also have prevention and cure to the disease such as cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder.

Warm prompt: characteristic therapy and profound. To understand the effect of massage and therapeutic efficacy, when we encounter these problems, can be the choice of scientific and reasonable treatment, has been restored to health and physical fitness.

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