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The Best Way of Relaxing After Sport - Massage

After exercise, body and mind is very tired, how to enjoy a massage, to adjust the movement of physiological function, eliminate fatigue, prevention and treatment of sports injury and improve exercise capacity plays a positive role in such aspects as, and simple, no special equipment.

Therefore, learning and mastering the massage technique, to have certain practical significance for the training and match. Sports massage is adjusted and protect athletes a good competitive state, improve and develop potential fitness trainers member.

After intense exercise training or competition, the athletes of nerves, body fluids, circulation, breathing, digestion, metabolism and acid-base balance, etc., all want to change dramatically, these changes at that time destroyed the balance of the environment within the body. But it was quickly reaching a new equilibrium, the new equilibrium, usually is a symbol of the growth of the body the ability to work.

But, each function in the process of the system to balance environmental, sometimes slow link, the general performance are: spirit hypertension, insomnia, muscle tension, fatigue, etc. Movement after the massage, can be eliminated to these phenomena, and environment is reaching a new equilibrium in the acceleration, speed up for the moving load capacity, accelerate the completion of sports load behind.

To adapt to the range is very wide fan, massage can be used to supplement the preparations before exercising; In sports massage, can help relieve muscle spasm and stiffness of; In motion after the massage, it can accelerate fatigue elimination, massage hands to keep clean, the nails should be short, so as not to scratch the massage of the skin and cause infection.

Massage in Dubai is by the massage muscles relax and feel comfortable fully, and to facilitate the operation of a massage.

Before exercise massage is one of the important measures to prevent sports injury, is particularly important in winter. Before exercise massage can be combined and preparation activities. Can after general preparation activities, combined with the special preparation activities, the time is about 5 to 10 minutes, and according to the different functional state and climate in the selection of the technique.

Sports massage when used in the middle of the intermittent movement to massage, such as jumping, throwing, training are intermittent, the movement of the massage in order to promptly eliminate fatigue, improve the level of training or remove muscle stiffness. Sports massage after the purpose is to accelerate the elimination of fatigue, is conducive to physical recovery, can again through part along with all the sports, can also be at the end of the campaign and after a bath or before bed at night. Such as in a state of extreme fatigue, should rest first massage again after 2 ~ 3 hours.

The massage part should be along with the sports and the level of fatigue, generally is the most important parts, massage in movement burden when severe fatigue after exercise can adopt the whole body massage.

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