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What Can We Get From a Massage to Your Beauty?

Massage can help skin absorb nutrients, can promote the blood circulation, blood to carry oxygen to the cells, the cell growth, and the waste and carbon dioxide out of the body, make the skin clean.

Feed the subcutaneous tissue of fat cells, make skin firm.

In the process of massage, local temperature increases, the pores open, the secretion of sebum and sweat, discharge faster, so clear the dirt and other impurity substance, make pore, make skin more clean and healthy.

Massage can make skin more soft, smooth, reduce the speed of aging skin.

Massage helps to consume too much liquid in the organization, thus reduce the skin expansion and subsidence.

Massage can improve the appearance of the skin, balance sebum secretion, helps to maintain proper water in the cells, while appropriate moisture can improve skin quality, make the skin more moist, younger.

Muscle fibers to be more perfect, better absorption of nutrients.

Massage can make nerve comfort and relaxation, and make people full of vitality, restore confidence.

Massage can make tense muscles, relieve muscle pain.

Massage can make the surface of the necrotic cells and residual loose, easy to remove, make the skin more healthy.

Although the benefits of facial massage, but also should pay attention to, the following several types of skin do facial massage:

Severe acne skin especially skin with large area pustules symptoms are forbidden to do facial massage. Because it can spread the bacteria that cause harm to the skin.

Acute allergic skin, such as pollen allergy, due to improper use protect skin to taste the sudden repellency allergy, etc., are not fit for facial massage.

Broken capillaries of the skin so that skin are naturally very fragile, is allergic to most of the skin care products, massage will only aggravate symptoms.

Caused by sunburn or skin change large red blood silk and the cuticle severely damaged skin should wait for skin back to normal state after a facial massage.

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