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What Can You Get From a Head Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, experts found, often to massage head, can promote the blood circulation of head lining, make hair more dense, better health. Massage head has brain nerves to the brain. Massage also improve brain blood flow, improve the oxygen uptake in the brain, help the brain cortex function adjustment, the educational brain, enhance memory, relieve fatigue, eliminate tension, the brain is to get enough energy and strength, the head massage, also to prevent insomnia, tinnitus, deafness, dizzy etc. Has good auxiliary therapeutic effect.

Everyone has a headache experience, some people often have a headache, often taking painkillers, or more rest, more sleep headache natural ease. Headache most dangerous without life, but some headaches may be fatal or serious physical harm such as stroke, brain aneurysm rupture. By the massage head or simple DIY massage to relieve headaches.

Considering from the perspective of beauty, massage can not only make skin relaxation and rest, still can make your head healthier. Now let us tell you some benefits of specific introduced the head massage.

On the head is briefly

We can use the hand massage to touch the head parts of the cortex, which contain a large number of hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat gland and rich in blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. In addition, the thickness of the head is only 1/50 of the human body skin the thickest part, next to the skin around the eyes and lips. Normal head, the stratum corneum cells and inter-cellular lipid layer neatly, arranged closely, as if to build buildings "brick" and "mud". (" bricks "structure of the head, in against the physical and chemical stimulation in the process of internal moisture, regulate the head, play an important role, is the head's natural protective barrier.)

The relationship between the head and hair

Make the most simple example, the head and hair, as if the plant and soil. Health of the head is a foundation, only to lay the good roots, the hair is likely to thrive. To get more head massage in Dubai, you may find your hair becomes more and darker.

Why need to massage the head

You know, our head is covered by a large number of hair elements, all is in a state of poor ventilation, combined with the environment, air pollution, the cutin of head debris and sweat residue composition etc., will eventually reduce the health of the head, dandruff, itching, are produced by fat, drying and other head problems. And massage for head dredge channels, promote head blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, improve hair growth environment, it also can relieve pressure, loosen body and mind.

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