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Dubai Foot Massage - Best Way of Healthy Life

Spring is coming, more and more people in Dubai pay more attention to preserve one's health, including keeping in good health is a lot of people are sought after by foot massage. And a lot of good foot massage, can not only improve our body's blood circulation, but also can make us relax spirit. So what's the curing effect foot soles?

The Foot and the Brain

Feet away from the brain, though, as far as the feet, through the numerous nerve endings there is a special relationship with the brain.If our feet stimulus quantity is not very enough, will make the excitement of cerebral cortex and inhibition of out of balance, which can lead to insomnia, much dream, the phenomenon of mental stress.

The foot and the Circulation of the blood

Feet away from the heart, blood circulation of feet became the hardest part of the whole body blood circulation process, foot circulation is not good, easy cause varicose veins, artery embolism and disease of heart head blood-vessel.

Foot and Body toxin

Metabolism in the body to produce many toxins to deposit on the foot, produce many disorders, such as lactic acid, phenol, aromatic amine deposition can lead to exhaustion of body and mind, fatigue, depression; Uric acid deposition can lead to gout, edema.

Feet and Germs

There are a lot of bacteria, fungi are hidden in our feet, not only to our athlete's foot, foot odor, still can make a lot of genital infectious disease.

Massage the soles of the seven big benefit

Promote the blood circulation

Blood circulation is normal and the body of the body has an important relationship, and the foot massage is good for improve blood circulation, improve the foot temperature, eventually to promote the whole body blood circulation, reach the role of normal. In fact, a healthy normal person on foot massage after half an hour, will make the blood flow of the whole body can be increased by more than ten times, visible benefits of massage the soles of the feet.

Promote the body metabolism

Blood circulation increase, the body will be able to produce more variety of hormones, such as adrenaline, this hormone can very good to promote the body metabolism, eventually to improve human immunity, the role of resistance.

Ease muscle fatigue status

To the muscles fatigue condition, so the first is the circulation of the blood of the trouble, especially the foot blood circulation, the product of the metabolism of lactic acid in the body and so on accumulation in the body, can't timely education body outside, which is the main cause of muscle fatigue. To effectively relieve muscle fatigue, so the foot massage is one of the most simple but also the most effective method.

Improve the quality of sleep

Spirit of modern people due to the increasing pressure to survive, so also is in a state of a highly tense for a long time, which is led to insomnia, much dream, and so on. Want to sleep quality, then massage the foot is a very good choice.

The prevention of cancer

The latest research results show that human saliva has the very good prevent cancer. And massage the foot spring point can be very good to stimulate the body's production of saliva, the nibbling chocolates slowly swallow saliva, such as stomach, can very good to prevent cancer, and also has a very good effect to enhance the body resistance.

Two Tips For Massage in Dubai

1, Massage time

Under normal circumstances, carries on the massage the foot together time should be controlled in half an hour or so, but if the body is weak groups should be appropriate to reduce. If suffer from serious disease, such as heart disease, kidney disease and so on, the best time control in three to five minutes or not massage, also pay special attention to the massage strength.

2, Massage power

Should find accurate acupoint massage, efforts to maintain uniform and smooth, can not appear intermittently and light for a heavy case for a while. The massage strength should be decided according to patients' constitution, if the body is weak, so the appropriate technique gently.

What's good about massage your feet, you can through the introduction of the above to get to know. Massage the foot a lot of good, can not only cure cervical spondylosis, also can hairdressing, promote sleep. Method is easy, easy to learn, so you might as well try it at home.

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