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Try a Ear Massage for Your Healthy

In Dubai, you will see more and more massage center opening in the city. You could also try some of them. But do you think you have a deep knowledge of that? Let me tell you something new!

Ear is a part of our body, so what are the benefits of massage ears? What are the benefits of massage ears? Here is a look at the benefits of massage.

The experts tell us that the ear is an amazing organ can not only that we receive the information from the outside world. At the same time, is also connected to the main body acupuncture points is a very important organs of the body. If our body is disturbed by a certain kind of disease, or the body of an organ is stimulated, then the ear of a certain point will appear early warning signal. So, a lot of traditional medicine experts to observe the color changes in the ears, shape changes and so on to diagnose whether the body of certain diseases.

Massage your ears, not only to protect our ears, in fact, is also an indirect stimulus to the body of the major organs, the body has a very good health. So every day try a ears massage, in fact, is equivalent to the body of the whole body to the point of a thorough massage.

If the your feel pale, and lips and nails become white. At the same time, the hands and feet numb, dry eyes, accelerate the heartbeat situation often appears in daily life, if it is a female friend, will appear to reduce weight, the face is not shiny. So we can say that this is the body appeared blood deficiency, want treatment, so the most important thing is the blood.

Five points in the ear should be divided into the reflection area of the stomach, liver, heart, pancreas and duodenum. If you want to make the body as soon as possible to restore health, it can also be some meridian massage or conditioning diet, daily to eat some rice porridge and so on stomach, can also add some energy, blood ingredients according to the body, so the effect better.

If you, especially in the winter, even if wearing many clothes is still more than their peers who's afraid of the cold, and there will be a cold hands and feet, in addition still can appear frequent micturition, easy to catch a cold, do not eat cold food and so on. In this case, the patient is likely to be the emergence loosing energy.

Should massage the four ear in the ear, respectively, stomach, kidney and adrenal heart reflex area. Also add some diet nursed back to health, can eat some warm ingredients, such as, lamb, meat and so on, this is very good choice. What are the benefits of massage ears, can be effective in the treatment of cold.

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Try a Ear Massage for Your Healthy
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