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Enjoy a Massage in Dubai, Boost Your Healthy Forever

Dubai Massage Therapy may be one of the most valuable tools for an athlete looking to speed up muscle recovery and decrease pain so they can achieve peak performance. While massage is sometimes viewed as a tool for relaxation and pampering, recent studies show massage is a vital way to keep muscles healthy and joints flexible thus preventing injury and shortening recovery time.

These benefits suggest you can recover faster after a hard session and be ready for another sooner. Running more fast workouts – or higher mileage – is one of the best ways to become a better runner. And massage can help you do that while mitigating the injury risk.

In fact, the latest research conducted by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging at some University in Ontario states that massage reduces inflammation and a recent study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness shows that through massage muscles can experience “an increase in range of motion and flexibility”. It’s no wonder that most of the top athletes in the world have massage therapists on call and at the ready as they train and compete. So how does massage have such a positive effect on the body? Deep Tissue and Sports Massage target muscles, tendons and fascia using specific techniques that help pull apart adhesions, which many of us call “knots” but are actually areas that have been overworked.

A skilled Massage Therapist spends a great deal of time studying anatomy, physiology, pathology and kinesiology. They use this knowledge to help guide the session and treat the body as a whole. Don’t be surprised if when coming in with a shoulder issue that the therapist wants to release the pecs, lats and other supporting musculature.

Likewise, they may find that the chronic pain in your lower back is coming from tight hamstrings, IT bands and glutes. That “big-picture” view of your body that you get from your massage therapist is similar to your coach helping you discover muscle weakness or poor form; it all adds up to better performance and a healthier body in the long-run.

Muscle fibers in these areas end up sticking together which causes restricted blood-flow to the tissue. Massage increases circulation and gets blood flowing back into the muscles, along with stimulating the lymphatic system which removes waste from the body. Muscle fibers are then stretched and teased back into a healthy position, which increases range of motion while decreasing pain and inflammation.

The Stick is another option, which I prefer for the calves and hamstrings. It offers a slightly deeper massage in my experience.A massage ball can go deeper and be used well for specific trigger points.

For athletes, it’s ideal to receive massage every 2-4 weeks for muscle maintenance. Massage is also highly effective both pre and post-comp to first prep your muscles for activity and then to help them recover afterwards. In the unfortunate event of an injury, massage is an excellent compliment to physical therapy and can greatly improve recovery time. Remember, you wouldn’t skip your Mobility Training, so don’t skip your massage.

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