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Use Shiatsu Massage for a Tension Headache

Shiatsu is a form of massage that quiets your nervous system and relieves stress. Performed by applying hand pressure, stretching muscles and massaging pressure points, shiatsu massage helps to subdue symptoms from headaches, insomnia, skin irritations, back pain, digestion issues and constipation. It can be especially helpful when treating tension headaches, which are the most common kind of headaches.

Ask for your patient's complete medical history with details about his daily diet and exercise habits. In order to fully treat a patient, you need to be aware of any health complications and learn a little about his regular routines.

Request the patient to lie down and relax. It is important for the patient to get comfortable before you perform shiatsu massage. Ask the patient if she is warm enough and comfortable. Attempt to help her relax. Dim the lights to provide a relaxing environment.

Touch your patient's stress areas in order to find out where most of the tension is located. Since the patient has a tension headache, he is most likely holding most of the tension in the head or neck areas. However, it's always a good idea to check for stress in the shoulders and abdomen, too.

Apply light pressure with your fingers to the patient's temples. Pay close attention to the patient's reaction when you touch her there. If the reaction is one of relief, continue to rub lightly in circular motions in order to ease any stress located in the temples.

Caress the patient's forehead. Follow this up by gently massaging the forehead in the area between the temples with your fingertips. Use a circular motion. After a short time, change the motion to a side-to-side and then an up-and-down motion.

Massage the pressure points at the base of the skull. There are three main points to touch. Massage the pressure point at the center of the skull last.

Rotate the patient's head at the neck. Do not rotate too far, because this can cause extra pain and stress for your patient, who is already suffering from a headache. Repeat this several times on both sides.Apply pressure to the top of the head. Massage the scalp and other points on the head with your fingertips.

Allow the patient to rest. Many patients find a nap is the best way to complete a shiatsu massage treatment.

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