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Send a Neck Massage to Yourself - Massage in Dubai (2)

Place the thumb of your left hand on the right side of his neck.Wrap your other four fingers around to the left side of his neck to stabilize your thumb's pressure.

Just as you did on the shoulders, knead your thumb in circular motions up and down the length of the neck.

Focus attention on any tension knots you encounter.When you've finished the right side of your partner's neck, move to stand behind and slightly to the left of him. Repeat the process with your right thumb on the left side of the neck.

Glide your hands down the sides of the neck. It can be difficult to massage the sides of the neck without bothering your partner's throat. To do this, you will glide your hand in a downward motion from the top of the neck to the front of the shoulder. Begin on the left side of his body.

Place your left hand on his left shoulder to stabilize him.With the fingers on your right hand facing downward, place your thumb on the back of the neck and your remaining fingers on the side of it.

Applying pressure, glide your hand in a downward motion.

At the end of the motion, your thumb should be on the back of the shoulder and your other fingers should be on the front of the shoulder.Knead your fingers into any tension points you feel.

Apply pressure to the outsides of the shoulder blades. Press your fingertips into the shoulder blades and apply firm pressure. Move your hands in a circular, kneading motion to release tension from the muscles in the upper back.

Use the heel of your palm between the shoulder blades. Because the spine is in the center of the back, it can be difficult to massage that area. Applying focused pressure to the spine will cause pain. Instead, use your palm to apply broad pressure.Move so you're standing at your partner's side.Place one hand on the front of their shoulder to stabilize him.

Place the heel of your palm between his shoulder blades.Apply firm pressure in a long, deliberate stroke from one shoulder blade to the other.

Massage just under the collar bone. Although most of the massage focuses on the shoulders, neck, and upper back, a little attention to the upper chest can help relieve neck pain.

Standing at your partner's side, place on hand on their back to stabilize him.Use your fingertips to rub firmly in circular motions just under his collar bone.

Make sure not to press on the bone itself, as this will cause pain.

Massage the upper arms. The arms may seem unrelated to the tension felt in the neck and shoulders, but they’re not. The muscles in the arms, shoulders, and neck all work closely in the movement of the arms. So, relieving tension in the upper arms will also benefit the neck.

Place your hands on his shoulders, applying gentle but firm pressure.Maintaining that pressure, run your hands down from the shoulders to his upper arms, then back up. Repeat this a few times.Rub up and down the upper arms, loosening those muscles.

Cycle through these motions in an un-patterned manner. If you focus too long on one area with one massaging motion, your partner will grow acclimated to the sensation. Move from muscle group to muscle group and vary your hands' motions to make the experience more pleasurable for him. The less he can predict the sensations, the better the massage will feel.

The muscles in the shoulders, neck, back, and arms are closely related. By paying attention to a wide area of muscles instead of the few muscles that may hurt, you are more likely to ease his muscle pain.

Use all parts of your hand. Many amateur massagers use their thumbs exclusively when giving massages. While the thumbs are excellent for focused pressure, you can cause pain and discomfort to yourself by over-using them. Instead, use all parts of your hand while giving a massage. Use your thumbs for focused pressure to tension knots.

Use your palms to apply light pressure over larger areas of skin and muscle.Use your fingertips for firmer pressure.Use your knuckles on particularly tight muscles.

Do not massage your partner's bones. Applying pressure to bones — the spine especially — can cause pain. Apply pressure only to muscles.

Continue for as long as necessary. A massage does not have to be long to be effective. A quick five-minute massage can make a world of difference. But, a long massage of half an hour to an hour will make him feel pampered and cared for.

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