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Send a Neck Massage to Yourself - Dubai Massage (1)

People who sit at desks or drive for long periods of time often experience a lot of pain in their neck and shoulders. Giving them a neck massage is a great way to relieve that tension. Massages can also improve blood circulation, ease headache pain, improve someone's mood, and give an energy boost.Giving a good neck massage is a wonderful gift, whether to a friend, loved one, or a professional massage client.

Place your partner in a comfortable seated position.What's important is that his back can be comfortably straight. You must also be able to access his shoulders and upper back.

Use a stool that gives you full access to his back.

If you use a chair, make sure the back of the chair is low enough to give you access to the back of his shoulders.

If you don't have an appropriate chair or stool available, place a comfortable cushion on the ground. Have your partner sit cross-legged on the ground while you kneel behind him.

Use light, long strokes.When we think of massages, most of us immediately think of the Swedish massage. It uses long, gentle motions along the surface of the muscles instead of the intense pressure of a style like the deep tissue massage.When you find tension knots, you can apply focused pressure.For the most part, though, keep the pressure firm but not intense.

Warm the muscles up. Rushing into intense massaging before warming up the muscles can cause your partner to tense up even more under your touch. Ease into the massage by using your fingertips to loosen up and prepare the neck and shoulders. This will put him in the frame of mind to relax into the experience.Place the ring, middle, and index fingertips of your hands where the base of your partner's head meets the neck. Apply light but firm pressure.

If that feels uncomfortable, use whichever fingertips feel right to you. You might use just index and middle fingers.Slide your fingers down the sides of his neck, sweeping over onto the shoulders.Make sure to apply even pressure throughout, running your fingers over the muscles.

Knead your thumbs into the tense muscles. In the previous step, you may have felt hard knots in the muscles. These knots indicate tension, and they need focused pressure from your thumbs.

Place your thumbs on the tension knot.Place your other four fingers on each hand on the front of your partner's shoulder to stabilize your thumbs when you apply pressure.Apply firm pressure with your thumbs in a kneading, circular motion to release the tension in the muscles.

Do this throughout the shoulder muscles, but especially on tension knots.

Glide your fingers up and down the neck. The muscles in the back and sides of the neck also carry a great deal of stress. You will use one hand to warm up the neck muscles for more focused attention.Place your thumb on one side of the neck, and the tips of your other four fingers on the other side of the neck.Apply and maintain firm but gentle pressure.Glide you hand up and down the length of the neck.Move along the width of the neck as well. Glide along the muscles along either sides of the spinal column on the back of the neck. Widen your hand to loosen the muscles on the sides of the neck as well.

Pinch along the back of the neck.You want to apply the same focused pressure along the sides of the neck with your thumb. But, you need your other four fingers to stabilize the pressure you're applying with your thumb. Working with both hands at once would force you to wrap your other fingers around the front of the throat. This would cause your partner pain and discomfort. Instead, work with one hand at a time.

Stand behind and slightly to his right.

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