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Try Olive Oil to Massage Your Feet - Best Massage in Dubai

Olive oil is ideal as a skin softener and is suitable for using on hard, callused feet. This article explains how to use it effectively.

Considering that a massage from our expert, best Dubai massage , takes over an hour, there was no way we could capture all of her techniques in the magazine. We can't do it here, either, but at least we can offer you a few more.

Place a towel on the ground beneath your feet. If you prefer sitting with your feet closer, place the towel on a bed or lounge and place your feet. This will protect the carpet/bedspread/sofa, etc. from oil and will also soak up excess oil.

Gently holding her feet, rotate her ankles clockwise and then counterclockwise. Rotate each toe the same way, pulling gently on each.After applying lotion, take one foot in both hands and walk your thumbs back and forth over the soles of her feet. Push deep with your thumbs, working the pressure points.

Massage olive oil into your feet. Pay particular attention to the hardened areas and work the oil in.Continue doing this regularly. You should see a positive difference and softening within two weeks.

Interlace your fingers, resting them on the top of her foot with your thumbs on her sole. Slide your hands up and down over the whole foot, applying pressure with your thumbs.Place your fingertips in the channels between each metatarsal (those are the long bones on the top of the foot), gently sliding all four fingers up and down between them.

Starting at the outside of her ankle, find where the muscle meets the bone. Glide your thumb along this line all the way up her shin, applying slight pressure.

This is a good thing to do just before going to bed. You can shower first in order to have lovely, clean feet.Soaking your feet in water and using a pumice stone on calluses before using olive oil will hydrate the skin. Putting oil on after water will help to 'seal in' the moisture.

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