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Give Yourself a Hand Massage in Dubai

That doesn't mean that I've given up on pampering myself, though. Instead, I've picked up some simple techniques from the pros that relax and recharge my muscles. Self hand massage in Dubai are especially easy to learn, and if you spend all day typing like I do, they feel amazing.

So give yourself a minute, break out a little of your favorite lotion or oil, and check these strokes out.Slather on three to four drops of your favorite hand lotion. It'll soften your hands and make it easier for you to massage them, too.

The heels of your hands do a lot of hard work and don't get nearly as much attention as your fingers do. Rub them in gentle circular motions, beginning on the side furthest from your thumb and working your way across.

The web of muscle connecting your thumb to the rest of your hand does a lot of stretching across the keyboard. Grasp it between your thumb and forefinger and move it gently up and down to facilitate release and muscle relaxation.

Palm It Off.Massaging the muscles and joints at the bases of your fingers can really soothe soreness and help relieve cramps. Use a circular stroke, similar to the one you did for the heels of your hands.

The outer sides of your hands need attention, too. Use an upward circular stroke to go from the base of your hand up to the finger joints.

Gently pulling on your fingers (never pull hard) stretches the muscles and gives joints some much-needed relief.

Knit your fingers together and pull gently to stretch and release the muscles in your hands. For the most relaxation, focus on making the muscles in your palms stretch instead of those in your fingers.

Don't forget your wrists. Position your hand as if you were about to take your own pulse, but instead move all your digits in a soft circular motion, moving from one side of your wrist to the other. Repeat all of the above strokes if desired.

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