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Try Different Types of Home Massage in Dubai

In Dubai,although perhaps many of the massage treatments sound wonderful, not every treatment is designed for all types of cleansing or relaxation techniques. Some treatments work better for moisturizing skin whereas others do a good job on lifting dead skin cells. Knowing which treatment fits your specific situation will allow you to choose the right one.

Craft a relaxing Dubai massage using two soothing ingredients. Combine equal arts of rosewaterand coconut milk in a small, clean jar. Shake gently and then drizzle into running Dubai massage oil. Soak for the desired amount of time and then drain. You may need to add some cleanser to the tub to remove any film left behind from the coconut milk.

Moisturize skin and banish cracked, dry surfaces by mixing honey and olive oil. Combine equal parts of each ingredient and apply after a hot shower. Smooth a small amount over the skin and allow it to soak in. For extremely dry skin add a few coats until you find relief.

Lift dead skin cells and unclog pours with a homemade facial massage. Mix brown sugar and honey (equal parts) in a bowl.Wash your face using a mild cleanser, rinse and then apply massage to face. Using your fingertips (clean fingertips) gently rub the massage into your face in a circular motion. Don’t massage too roughly as it could scratch your skin.

Rinse well and pat dry with a clean towel.

Restore chapped or dried lips with a DIY lip massage in Dubai. Mix raw sugar with un-petroleum jelly. Consider adding 2 parts jelly to 1 part sugar at first in the event your lips are very sensitive. Rub massage over lips and allow to set. Rinse well and then apply a soothing lip balm.

Reduce facial redness by mixing equal parts of egg yolk (no whites) and lemon juice. Apply with a clean washcloth to clean face and gently pat. Don’t massage as this will only encourage redness. Rinse well and pat dry.

Substitute ingredients if you don’t have everything you need. For example, baking soda makes for a good massage agent, as well as salt. Aloe Vera is also ideal for moisturizing.

Make only one batch per treatment. Because these are made from food-grade products, storing the compound may be tricky and could change the overall makeup of the ingredients. Instead, make each one to order.

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