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Pamper Someone Like a Celebrity by a Dubai Massage

In Dubai, most people are under the high daily pressure. Treating someone like a celebrity can really boost their self esteem. Here are some steps to get you started in making a difference in someone's life.

Deep cleanse her face -Massage in Dubai is great to remove spots and black heads etc. Then give her a facial or you can just cleanse her face for her.

Meanwhile - Whats her nails like? Long and crusty? Or short , black and horrid? If they're long then cut them right down! If they're short then just trim them for her.

Then put her feet in a sink or a bucket of water , then use a nail massageber to massage her nails and feet clean. Then , when her feet are clean and her nails are short and clean , put her feet in a foot massage (If you have one!) Then let her feet soak for a while foot creams like Cinnamon are really good - they fight away any bad smells on her feet leaving them fresh.

Then cut her fingernails , and paint them a very clear color , when dry , make her wash her hands using hot water and antibacterial hand soap , use one that neutralizes (Gets rid of any bad smells on her hands) then dry as bacteria can live on moist / damp hands , then just rub in some scented hand lotion.

If her clothes are just horrid , ask your mum if you can wash them for her , if she can't, then use a baby wipe to remove any stains and then spray her clothes with deodorant - also give her some of your underwear - clean, that's knickers, socks and / or vest.

What is her hair like? If she has got head lice, comb through it to remove them all, ask your mum if you can use the shower head to clean (Shampoo and condition) her hair , if you are not allowed - do it at her house or just brush her hair to make sure that it is knot free, then use either hairspray or hair serum to soften it, then style it.

After all of this , remove all the facial masks, then cleanse again and moisturize, she will feel like a pampered celebrity!

Moisturize her body to make sure that her skin smells nice and fresh.

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