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Organize an Affordable Massage Retreat in Dubai

There is no massage that is not expensive. Retreat to your room with all your friends to organize and put together a fun massage. This article will show you how to give yourself an affordable massage routine at home, filled with ,easy, fun DIY's.All of the materials here, you can probably find laying around your house, and the projects are super simple, yet rewarding!

Choose a candle or a scent. Special scents help you calm down, while certain scents pipe you up. Lavender and vanilla calms your mind. Rose helps you unwind. Avoid using peppermint or mint because it wakes you up and makes you more alert. Another helpful suggestion is to not have too many candles burning at once.

The excessive smell can cause irritation to the nose and burning. If this does happen, have who ever is having trouble smell some coffee beans to heal the nose. All at once can also put off heat and too much will make you and your guests uncomfortable. To make the candle scent last longer after blowing them out, with a tooth pick or tweezers, push the wick down into the melted candle.

Fill the massage tub a little more that halfway with warm water.

Add your favorite massage salts, massage oils, soother, etc.

Moisturize your body with a soothing lotion.

This is meant for only one person, but for a party i would suggest doing this one guest at a time or all together with massage suits in a hot tub or warmed kiddie pool. All at once in a tub would create a huge mess and no one likes to clean up when they are supposed to be relaxing.

Fill the large container with warm water. Leave a few inches unfilled with water because the marbles and your feet will cause the water to rise.

Drop several of marbles in the container. Cover the bottom completely. Do not fill the container up to the top with marbles.

Add the salts. Add half to a whole cup of sea salts into the container.Set a chair next to the container and sit down.

Put your feet in the water. Roll the marbles around with your feet. The marbles will give your feet a massage. The salt and water soothe your feet.

If you are having a party or some kind of get together, you would either need a larger container or more separate ones. This would also call for more marbles.

Take a small pile of baking soda in your hand.Add a few drops of warm water in it to form a paste.

Gently apply the paste all over your face. Scrubbing it in circular motions with your fingers.

Apply a face mask to your face for fifteen minutes. Then, rinse your face with warm water. Gently pat your face dry with a towel.

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